Only in Russia: Cat Takes a Nap on the Bonnet of a Moving Car

Some people say that the dog is man's best friend. But millions of years of evolutions on Earth also gave us the cat and we're sorry to burst the bubble of dog lovers, but felines rule the world these days. Some even suspect that the world wide web was created by cats as a means to control humans and the planet.
Cat Takes a Nap on the Bonnet of a Moving Car in Russia 1 photo
I'll grant you the fact that dogs are creatures that give love unconditionally and are overexcited to see you once you come back home from work, but that might grow tiresome on some of us. And this is where cats come on stage with their unique way of telling us with their claws and teeth that one belly rub is enough. Compared to dogs, the feline needs its personal space, just like us, and cats aren't excited 24/7 like dogs, but have their own special mood swings, just like us humans.

OK, I admit, I have a cat and I love it regardless of the hair, claw and bite marks that come as natural with cat ownership, but I respect dogs and their owners as well. After all, any kind of pet will offer you that bit of love and good feeling one needs to keep going when problems overwhelm us and sad events smother us. Moreover, cats and dogs offer us a great deal of entertainment thanks to the wonders of YouTube.

Take what happened to this Russian driver as a prime example of cat cool. It's a typical cold morning somewhere in Russia and this dude is trying to get to work by personal means of transport. But there's a friggin' cat on the car's bonnet and the feline couldn't be bothered by the running engine or the fact that the vehicle is moving. Well played, cat, well played. Now stop hitchhiking and go hunt mice or something.

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