Onewheel Drops All-Terrain GT Board to Fill Your New Year With Off-Road Fun

Christmas is coming up, folks, and there's no better time to start looking at the gear you'll be able to enjoy next spring. One company fueling some fun is Onewheel.
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Ladies and gents, children of all ages, Onewheel is a crew out of California that's been around since 2013. They made a name for themselves by launching the Onewheel, a sort of one-wheeled skateboard made to offer riders the feeling of surfing on sidewalks.

I know what you're thinking: sidewalk surfing is the reason why skateboards and longboards exist. True, but Onewheel devices are a bit different. Keep reading to find out what makes these trinkets so special. Better yet, let's take a look at the newest addition to this team's lineup. After all, it should be boasting the latest tech this team has in play.

What you're looking at has been dubbed the Onewheel GT. It's an all-terrain board made to give riders a unique experience in that it can ride through dust, sand, grass, on sidewalks, asphalt, you name it.

Like all Onewheel products, the GT, too, is constructed using the same base design, that of a board with a massive wheel smack dab in the center. You'll be riding it, straddling the massive wheel between your legs. It's also this wheel and its abilities that make every Onewheel what it is.

Onewheel GT
Photo: Onewheel
For the GT, the manufacturer's website doesn't mention how the motor is designed or how it functions, but what is stated is that each GT boasts 3 horsepower of output. Yes, 3 horsepower will be sitting under your feet. With this sort of power, I can really start to believe that this sucker is all-terrain. Heck, I know of electric motorcycles and mopeds with less power than that.

How fast will this be able to send you off? Overall, you're looking at a top speed of just 20 mph (32 kph). However, there are a few things to note. Imagine going 20 mph off-road on a board that isn't strapped to you in any way; free-standing. Now hit a rock or small branch at that speed. All I can say is that you better be wearing a helmet.

Next up, this is a software-limited speed setting. So, if you or a friend is nifty with a PC, work your magic and raise the speed setting. Again, do take into consideration the terrain you'll be flying around on, and most importantly, component stress limits.

Now, this motor is to be powered by something, and hidden underneath one of the footboards is a set of batteries that power the entire device, including lighting. All in all, one charge will be able to give you a 32-mile (51-kilometer) journey. Pretty dang good if you ask me.

Onewheel GT
Photo: Onewheel
Since GT is made to be ridden off-road, a modification made to the board is the inclusion of concave footboards. This has been done to help your feet stick to the board a bit better when carving through rough terrains.

If you do happen to like the GT, there's something you should know. If you dish out the 2,200 USD (1,939 EUR at current exchange rates) asking price for this trinket, you'll receive a board with an exposed central tire running with a slick surface. If you need some grip, a treaded tire exists as an option, and you can also opt for a fender to cover your tire. It might be a good feature to have if you're into wearing long pants. Throw in 2,570 USD (2,266 EUR at current exchange rates), and you'll also receive bumpers, rail guards, a carbon fender, a stand, and a hyper-charger.

As I mentioned earlier, winter is the best time to prepare for next year's experiences, and the GT looks to be promising one heck of a ride. Better be extra good the rest of the year to get this one.
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