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One Truly Cool and Feasible Bike Garage Idea

Storing your bike overnight or for more time can sometimes be a problem, especially if you happen to own one of the models which are favored by thieves. Since most riders don’t have a garage, or the garage they could rent with some other riding buddies is not in a convenient location, here’s a solution arriving from Malaysia and which looks like a feasible DIY project, too.
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The idea is as simple as it is creative and functional. Now, a guy with more advanced engineering skills and some welding experience could actually make it looks like a factory-made unit, but this can work as a home-made project, as well. One of the biggest advantages is that it only needs little space, with minimal lateral clearance, and the needed materials can be bought in pretty much any hardware store.

Another cool feature is that this bike garage can protect your bike from rain, dust and being tampered with, provided you can cover the perforated steel with sheet metal or something similar. It will not be a shield for low temperatures, but no unheated garage will, either, so there’s no drama here.

By making the whole structure thicker, the garage could easily accommodate two bikes. The tray closest to the doors would then need a pair of strong hinges attached to one of its short sides, allowing it to be lifted and make room for the second bike tray to be pulled to the unloading position. Obviously, the load-in direction would have to be opposite to that of the outer tray.

A more enterprising guy could also start manufacturing such garages for easy installing around the houses using bolts or incorporating some anchoring points in concrete, and sell them. Who’s got a welding machine? Or you can fork out 100 bucks or so and enlist in the Datatag Master program, if you're in the UK.


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