One-Touch Top Open/Close Now Available for BMW 4 Series Convertible

We loved the BMW 4 Series Convertible. No, really, we loved it. Almost everything about it felt good and it immediately rose to the number one spot in our preference list, being the only Bavarian car we’d buy without hesitation.
One Touch BMW 4 Series Convertible Open/Close top operation 1 photo
However, like any other car, it had its faults too. The wind deflector could’ve been better and so could the space in the boot but those observations fall short of what truly bothered us: the button for pulling down the roof.

It’s not the button itself but rather the way it works. You see, to open and close the roof on this car, you have to keep the button pressed for the entire operation. That’s not only extremely distracting while driving (as it can be raised or dropped in motion) but also extremely annoying.

The guys from Mods4Cars noticed that and quickly came up with a solution: the one-touch open/close mod for the BMW 4 Series Convertible. Their device allows you to use the roof with only the touch of a button.

Just press it once and the whole operation will develop without your continuous input. Furthermore, the devices also allows you to do so at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph), nearly double the speed BMW set as default. To top it all off, you can also do it with the key fob, from a distance, not to mention that turning the ignition on or off does not interrupt the convertible top operation.

Sound pretty good, right? Well, it is and the price is not nearly as high as you might think. In the US, the kit for this upgrade costs $379, excluding shipping. Furthermore, according to their website, you can do the installation yourself so you don’t need to spend any more money of labor hours. The video below will show you exactly how it works.


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