One Quad Stunt Win, One Safety Fail

Now, this is truly one thing we just don’t see every day, and watching such movies brings a neat, reassuring feeling: there is still a lot to be innovated when it comes to stunt riding, for both motorcycles and ATVs/ quads.
One quad stunt win, one safety fail 1 photo
The guy makes everything look quite simple, but common sense and common physics clearly hint us that things are a lot different in the real life. More experienced buddies of mine said that even though we can’t see it because of all the smoke, the quad must have an aftermarket “tail” welded to its frame, acting as a third point for ground contact, making balancing the machine a lot easier. In fact, maintaining the balance on only two wheels in such a scenario does seem a rather impossible task, if you ask me.

However, seeing such a performance with a rider who is not wearing at least a helmet makes me think what happens when… things happen. Given the unstable balance of the machine and the incontrollable movements of the rider, all it takes is a slight jerk of the throttle hand to have things spinning out of hand and the rider thrown off the quad.

Scrapes and contusions may be fine, so to speak, but hitting the unhelmeted head against one of those cars’ bumpers is definitely not the pleasant way to end the day. Once again, a very cool stunt, but a rather mindless rider…


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