One Painfully Stupid Snowmobile Accident

One Painfully Stupid Snowmobile Accident 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
Just when I thought that mindless fellows like the ones in yesterday’s The World Is Not Enough were rather hard to come by, here’s another proof that in some cases, not even the surface of a whole frozen lake is enough for more than one rider.
Now, accidents do happen, that’s why they call them accidents, but this one is simply as silly as it gets. Such a generous area would be better suited for practicing some neat snowmobile stunts, and in this case, things going wrong would only be kind of natural, but these chaps are simply riding around with no apparent purpose save for having plain, good-old winter fun.

And since snowmobiles are well-known for their rather limited maneuverability, especially when hard turns are needed, a little more concern form the riders seems like a thing which would come in naturally. But it did not.

The footage stops right after riders and machines start tumbling through the snow, so we can only hope all three guys were alright. While this crash does not seem to be extremely violent, we know for a fact that snowmobile accidents are a really fast route to broken legs and all sorts of weird injuries.

In case you want to see something that’s really crazy, even if the way action starts does not foretell anything spectacular, see what happened to this snowmobile rider.

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