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One of the World's Largest Tire Manufacturers Unveils the Tiny House Concept of the Future

Continental’s Industry division unveiled a tiny house concept that was conceived, designed, and built entirely in-house, using only the company’s materials, both in and out.
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Continental ContiHomeContinental ContiHomeContinental ContiHomeContinental ContiHomeContinental ContiHome
The German multinational is primarily known for making automotive parts and is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. With its tiny house project, Continental wanted to think outside the box and present the world with a new, holistic, micro-housing concept, one that can be the answer to rising rent costs, densely populated residential areas, and resource scarcity.

Built using only Continental’s own materials, the so-called ContiHome offers 32 sq m (344 sq ft) of floor space. But thanks to its clever design, the minimalist house is spacious enough for all your daily activities, from cooking and sleeping to working or simply chilling indoors.

Mounted on a trailer, the house is mobile and flexible, in case you need to change its location. It is equipped with multi-functional furniture that can serve as an eating area, workstation, and more. The ContiHome strives to maximize space as much as possible, featuring hidden storage compartments in the stairs, a retractable deck, and even a concealed electric fireplace in the kitchen.

Many reusable materials have been used in building the tiny house, such as laminated window profiles that can be 100 percent recycled and turned into new window elements.

Warm, natural colors used for the interior of the ContiHome tame that industrial, pragmatic look of the house offered by the black and anthracite tones. But while this dwelling space has a cozy vibe to it thanks to its authentic wood look, it is also a modern and smart structure. A mobile app lets you control the sound and lighting, and there’s also a touchscreen interface located at the entry door.

For now, the ContiHome remains just a concept meant to offer a glimpse into the future of living, trying to reflect current trends. However, Continental does specify that the entire portfolio of products used in building it is tangible at trade fairs and other events, so hopefully, we’ll see more of these tiny homes in the future.

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