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One of the Strongest Illegal Drugs Out There Is Branded with the Tesla Logo

If you're at an electronic music festival, and somebody wearing shades despite being dark approaches you and asks if you'd "like some Tesla," you'd better say no. Don't be lured by the very low price he's going to offer or the fact that it's orange - it's not the kind of purchase that will take you home afterward.
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It will take you places, some of which might be quite scary, but in the end, it could also show you the inside of an emergency hospital. Or worse. How come? Well, it looks like some inventive drug makers have started selling Tesla-branded orange ecstasy pills because, you know, Tesla sells.

And also because they're the most common at the Electric Daisy Carnival festival series, so somebody probably thought that having the world's most famous electric car brand on the trip-inducing pills would be a cute touch. Whatever the case, we'd be very curious to hear what Tesla Motors has to say about this. At the same time, in case these guys get caught, a copyright infringement trial from Tesla Motors is the last thing they need to worry about.

Swiss drug research organization Safer Party tested the shield-shaped pills earlier this summer and found them to contain more than 230 milligrams of MDMA. What is MDMA? Glad you asked because it allows me to write the longest word I've ever typed in my life: it's (really) short for 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

According to The Drive (and also, the Google), the usual dosage for this pills is roughly half that (between 100 and 120 milligrams of MDMA), which makes the Tesla pills that much more dangerous. All drug-fighting organizations are urging people to stay away from these drugs (it almost sounds like they're saying "take something if you must, but just stay away from these"), and UK-based The Loop even released an image. Not the the "orange, shield-shaped Tesla-branded pills" description wouldn't have been enough.

The makers will probably issue a press release soon enough, or maybe launch a Twitter storm, saying the concentration has been halved and the pills are now "safe" to be consumed. Seriously, now, don't wait for that press release. And don't do drugs, no matter what car brand is stamped on the pills.


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