One of the Most Whimsical Tiny House Interiors Shows Exquisite Attention to Detail

The Mint Chocolate Chip is green, personalized, and truly unique 20 photos
Photo: Rewild Homes
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Downsizing is not just about practical reasons and pure functionality; it also gives us the unique opportunity to create a custom haven without enormous costs. The lovely and creative Mint Chocolate Chip tiny reveals small but highly effective personal touches that turn it into more than a simple house on wheels.
Folks who decide to go for a tiny home usually know exactly what they want and how they want it. It's their time to consider all the qualities of a dream home and then make it happen. Although the inherent size limitations of mobile homes seem restrictive in many regards, there's also incredible versatility and flexibility in the world of tiny living. No two tiny homes are exactly the same, even though they may share the same structure and layout. It's the small details that create the unique aura and flavor for each custom home in the end.

As its playful name suggests, the Mint Chocolate Chip tiny was lovingly designed and built for a family with lots of creativity. From the outside, it could simply be described as a dual-loft tiny house meant for sustainable, potentially off-grid living. However, that wouldn't do it justice. A closer look will reveal lovely and ingenious details that turn it into a magical abode like no other. For us, it's a rich source of inspiration, but for its owners, this is a warm and delightful family nest bearing their unique imprint.

What stands out immediately about this home, and the thing that inspired its whimsical name, is the unusual color scheme. Partly inspired by traditional beach homes and coastal interior designs, this powerful combination of pastel teal green and dark natural wood has a striking visual effect.

The Mint Chocolate Chip
Photo: Rewild Homes
What's even more unusual is that it permeates the entire house – we're not just talking a few accents here and there. Similar to a real mint chocolate chip, this colorful tiny seems bathed in pastel teal green, and balanced by the gorgeous woodwork in different natural tones, mostly dark ones. The extensive use of wood also adds a rich texture that brings a lot of visual depth.

With its airy living spaces and bright ambiance, the Mint Chocolate Chip flaunts the carefree vacation vibe of a beach home. The very first thing that greets you as you walk in – the white entry door – already shows an unusual attention to detail. That piece of trim with kids' measurements actually came from the owners' previous family home. It's more than a salvaged item; it's a personal treasure that symbolizes the family's continuity and connection to their roots.

The gorgeous live-edge countertops are also not a simple piece of furniture. They were custom-made out of a particular tree on the family's property. Once again, a subtle connection is reinforced by merging the old with the new. To an outsider, all of this might simply be beautiful to look at, but for the owners themselves, it's all about tiny, special "clues" that keep them constantly connected.

The Mint Chocolate Chip
Photo: Rewild Homes
These impressive countertops dominate the home's spacious kitchen. An entire L-shaped section was dedicated to dining, although it's versatile enough to double as a home office or a workshop. Placing the fridge and the cooktop/oven on the same side is rather atypical, leaving ample room for an uninterrupted row of kitchen cabinets on the other side. The staircase storage is also somewhat unusual. Typically, you'll see a multitude of small hidden drawers and cabinets for miscellaneous items. In this case, however, the staircase only houses the fridge in one compartment and the solar system in another one, with a couple of open shelves left.

Behind its colorful and bohemian vibe, the Mint Chocolate Chip also strives to be green and sustainable. It was packed with a full solar power system, and the bathroom appliances included a composting toilet instead of a conventional one. Most of the equipment runs on propane, including the water heater, the space heater, and the range.

The Mint Chocolate Chip
Photo: Rewild Homes
Apart from its impressive color scheme, this custom home also reveals an aesthetically pleasing symmetry with outstanding accents. Instead of the classic option with a staircase and a basic ladder, a beautiful split staircase provides easy access to both loft bedrooms while maintaining a visual balance. The staircase section connects the ground floor to the bedroom with a solid protection wall, while the fixed ladder portion leads to the flexible loft with a minimal metal handrail. One room favors privacy, while the other is more open.

Every house ever built by Rewild Homes featured extensive glazing for maximum luminosity. The Mint Chocolate Chip benefits from the same wide, traditional windows with white frames. A gorgeous skylight brings in even more natural light, and the octagonal window in one of the lofts doubles as a special decorative item that highlights the whimsical ambiance throughout.

This home does, in fact, look as luminous as possible, which accentuates the beachy vacation vibe. At the same time, the generous lofts ensure the cozy comfort of traditional sleeping areas. They feature elegant acacia floors, multiple windows with a panoramic effect, and enough space for large beds and additional storage.

The Mint Chocolate Chip
Photo: Rewild Homes
Downstairs, a wide section right at the entry is ready to be turned into a dreamy lounge for family and friends. Together with the dining area, it turns into a wonderful space for entertainment while staying connected to the outdoors through the extra-large windows. Even the bathroom is cozier than you'd expect and big enough to include a traditional bathtub instead of a simple shower.

From the clever choice of materials and colors to the playful elements that add a strong personal touch, the Mint Chocolate Chip is a family wonderland that brings out the best in a small space.
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