One of the Most Beautiful Videos on the Internet Just Happens to Feature a Bike

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Most notable bicycle videos out there focus on the tricks performed by the rider, with names such as Danny MacAskill instantly coming to mind.
With this one, though, the bike is more of an excuse to get some beautiful action shots in some of the grandest sceneries you've ever seen. And the funny thing is the crew didn't even have to leave the United States of America to get all these shots. In fact, they only shot in five states: Nevada, California, Utah, Washington and Oregon.

Called DreamRide, the short video is directed by Ryab Gibb and features Mike Hopkins as the rider. The name is very well suited and just a few seconds into the clip you'll immediately realize why. The whole production - from the editing to the music, the voiceover and the location scouting - is close to perfection, so dim the lights, put the headphones on and just let yourself be drawn in for nearly five minutes.

Just when you think it can't get any better, any more beautiful, it does. Get used to this feeling, as it will often occur during the course of the video. And don't be surprised if you involuntarily go "oh, come on, are you serious?" when seeing some of the aerial shots or the clever cuts.

With the breathtaking scenery all around and the wonderful camera work, it's easy to miss just how dangerous some of the tricks performed were. We did say the rider and the bike take are not the main elements of this narration, and we stick to that statement, but that doesn't mean that Mike Hopkins' efforts don't deserve some sort of acknowledgement. Going down a steep slope covered with gravel - there are dozens of ways it can end up badly. But it doesn't. Actually, it ends up quite nicely with one of the best frames of the entire video. And, believe us, that's very high praise.

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