One in Five Executives Get Their Best Ideas in Cars, Study Reveals

Do you happen to go out driving to clear your mind and do some thinking? If the answer is affirmative, you are not alone, as a study reveals.
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According to the Institute of Directors, the optimum environment for inspiring creative ideas outside the office is your home, but one in five executives stated that they get their best ideas in the car.

This makes sense, as one in ten executives out of the 900 questioned by the makers of the report revealed they spend more than a quarter of their working week in the car. So, they might as well use the time to think, right?

The report was done by Land Rover with the help of Sir Cary Cooper, an organizational psychologist. The Institute of Directors talked to over 900 global CEOs, directors, and high-level managers to discover where they get their best ideas and what they like best about an environment to achieve inspiration.

It appears that 84% of the people questioned replied that the conditions they are in are essential to creative thinking. As some of you know, it is hard to have good and original ideas while in a cubicle, so it is best to turn to other spaces for getting creative.

Since you cannot go home every time you need to think creatively, the makers of the report say that the car is a good alternative. However, you cannot just sit in any car and brainstorm, as it needs to have fresh air, a feeling of space, and natural materials.

Furthermore, comfort and not feeling stressed are important factors in achieving the psychological conditions to allow the flow of creative thought. The conclusions of the study might explain why we feel so good in premium vehicles, as these tend to have wood trim, high-quality leather upholstery, and enhanced soundproofing.

We must note that the makers of the study suggest reading e-mails in the car is counterproductive, and creative thought, relaxing, and reflecting is better for those working while in a moving vehicle. The study is focused on CEOs, so they have personal drivers and don't have to keep an eye on traffic.

So don't go out and “creative think” your way into a crash on the highway, because it does not work like that. However, a relaxing drive might bring you some clarity and peace of mind to enable creative thinking once you are done with your duties behind the wheel.
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