One-Bedroom Tiny With Built-In Desk Is Perfect for a Modern Couple

The fact that more and more people are working from home and are able to travel and work remotely has influenced their perspective on housing and living arrangements. A lot of times, traditional houses no longer fit the needs of modern couples or young families. Tiny houses, on the other hand, are versatile enough to adapt to various circumstances and fill that gap.
The Toccoa can get bigger or smaller, but always stays practical and cozy 19 photos
Photo: Wins River Homes
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Let’s face it: there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tiny homes. The tiniest studio on wheels could be just the right thing at certain stages in life, while some might simply feel more comfortable inside an XXL version with generous bedrooms. These micro alternative homes are incredibly versatile, as long as they stay mobile.

This particular design from Wind River Homes is the perfect example of that because it comes in three different options. The Toccoa can be as small as 24 feet (7.3 meters) or as big as 30 feet (9.1 meters). The tiniest version sports a reverse loft, and the largest one boasts 305 square feet (28.3 square meters) on the main level, plus 100 square feet (9.2 square meters) for the loft (which has a 34-inch height at the center).

At its maximum size, the beautiful Toccoa reveals a large kitchen with integrated space for dining, plus a practical built-in desk, perfect for those who work from home or who need to work while on the road.

Toccoa Tiny House
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
Unlike so many other tiny designs, where the dining table (or breakfast bar) has to double as a desk, which can easily become inconvenient, the Toccoa leaves enough room for a separate desk. It may be compact, but it makes a big difference, especially because it’s also placed so that it can ensure some level of privacy.

The 30-foot Toccoa can be built with either a classic side entry or a back entry. Each version allows for different configurations of the lounge area. Either way, the glass doors, and the multiple large windows keep the main floor level feeling spacious, airy, and bright.

Versatility also translated to a choice between a staircase with lots of storage, or a ladder, for accessing the loft bedroom. The loft area is large enough to fit in a king-size bed and not much else, but there would be plenty of storage space downstairs, both in the lounge and inside the stairs.

A few extra feet can also result in more space for the bathroom. Each homeowner has a personal definition of luxury, and for some, it may include an elegant bathroom with a lavish bathtub – something that you don’t often see in tiny homes. A full-size shower would be another option. But no matter the size, the finishing touches play an important role.

Toccoa Tiny House
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
Both the bathroom and the kitchen showcase well-chosen finishes and accents that elevate the Toccoa’s overall style. Customers have various options to choose from, but all the Wind River designs demonstrate an understated elegance that perfectly complements the rustic, Scandinavian-inspired minimalism.

You can expect the best from a building company that was founded by someone who had been familiar with construction work since childhood. Travis Pyke gave his father and grandfather a helping hand when they were building a cabin, and years later he would build a tiny home for his own young family.

By that time, he was already familiar with all the different parts of construction work, something that also came in handy when he started building tiny homes for a living. All of the Wind River Tiny Homes designs are not just esthetically pleasing, but highly practical. They’re not fancy concepts, they’re meant for real people with various needs.

No matter how big or small, the Toccoa’s kitchen is packed with appliances, all seamlessly integrated in a way that maximizes space without looking bulky. Storage solutions are also diverse, ranging from lower cabinets with soft close hardware to open shelves with different designs. The solid butcher block counter with a drop-in sink (composite or stainless steel) also adds a premium look.

Toccoa Tiny House
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
The Toccoa doesn’t claim to be revolutionary in any way, but versatility is its main strength. The classic tiny house configuration is easier to adapt to different customer requests, just by adding a few feet. It’s described as both economical and low-maintenance compared to conventional housing, and keeping things simple in terms of design has a lot to do with that.

Like all of the Wind River Tiny Homes models, the Toccoa is built on a heavy-duty, triple-axle trailer that’s custom-made for the brand (with trailer brakes and highway lighting), ready to hit the road.

Compared to the brand’s other designs, that typically start at over $100,000, the Toccoa is more affordable. It comes with an $86,900 price tag, and regardless of the size, it accommodates two people at most, which makes it best suited for a modern couple.
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