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One 50 Megayacht Aims for True Eco-Friendly Functionality With 25,000 KW of Power
Ever wonder who builds those massive cruise ships that accommodate hundreds of people while carrying them across the globe? Some of those ships are built by Meyer Werft.

One 50 Megayacht Aims for True Eco-Friendly Functionality With 25,000 KW of Power

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If you've never heard of this shipbuilder, you aren't alone. However, you should get to know their work as the next cruise you plan might end up being on one of their vessels.

Meyer Werft is a team that saw its beginnings back in 1795 in Papenburg, Germany. No, there is no typo in the date I just mentioned; they're nearly as old as the United States themselves. With so many years of experience, and the ability to build ships with a length up to 504 meters (1,653 feet), it's no wonder this crew is entrusted with the lives of thousands yearly.

Well, this time around, the news isn't about some massive cruise liner but rather the expansion of this team into the private yachting industry. And the way they're doing this is with a new branch known as Meyer Yachts. Their first ship, the One 50 megayacht, is a vessel that aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, despite its menacing 150-meter (492-foot) length and displacement of 15,000 tons.

Are you ready to find out how this is being achieved? According to a press release by Meyer, the One 50 will be electrically powered by 25,000 kW (33,525 hp) of juice. Without going into too much detail as to how all that power will be safely controlled, Meyer states that fuel cells and battery banks will be installed in the engine room. But that's all we're told, so far. No mention if any engines or generators are running on hydrocarbons, nothing.

Since this is Meyer Yachts' first true megayacht endeavor, the One 50 stands as a model for what this team aims for and will be bringing to the industry. You already know how big this puppy is and how it's powered, somewhat, but now it's time to see what else is in store.

As it stands, the One 50 will be spread out on six decks, and judging by the ship's length, the interior spaces will end up being massive. How massive? Just take the spa center, which spans over two levels, as the perfect example. Overall, 44 guests will be accommodated on the One 50.

While there are no images that reveal what the interior could look like, we are told that spaces like a billiard salon, cinema, and entertainment area that features a stage, are all part of the plans. Then there's the art gallery and infinity pool that can be seen aft, fit with a waterfall that flows from the edge of the main deck. Below the pool, a beach deck is revealed, and entry to a toy garage is sure to be in place.

Towards the front of the ship, you'll encounter the superstructure and its decks. At the bow of the One 50, a helicopter pad can be used as a large party floor during the night. Let's not forget the forward-facing jacuzzi. Imagine what that's like where riding a 492-foot ship with a top speed of 23 knots (26.5 mph).

Features that we're seeing more and more of on modern yachts are segments of the hull that offer an entry into the ship. Usually, these features lead to garages, gyms, or private lounges. No matter their purpose here, you can always use one to have a private floating dinner above the seas.

Best of all, no matter where the One 50 will be cruising, it'll be doing it with eco-friendly magic, or at least as much of it as possible, helping keep the natural world as clean as we can, with a 492-foot boat that is. I wonder if the price to operate this beast is lower because of the electric drivetrain?

Nonetheless, if and when this ship is built, it will place Meyer at the head of another branch of the yachting industry.


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