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Once Upon a Time, Hyundai Had the E4U Urban Mobility Vehicle
What you are looking at is not an egg. It’s also not a shopping cart that somebody wanted to take for a spin. It’s an urban mobility concept thought out by Hyundai.

Once Upon a Time, Hyundai Had the E4U Urban Mobility Vehicle

Hyundai E4UHyundai E4UHyundai E4U with RiderHyundai E4UHyundai E4U
You probably haven’t seen it. Probably haven’t even heard of it. I haven’t, that’s for sure. But at some point in history, Hyundai made this…thing.

Upon first sight, the overall egg-shape is what your brain processes. From there it starts to ask itself all sorts of questions as to what it is exactly you are looking at. Your internal dialogue may sound something like this, “Ok. So, it’s an egg. But then why is it painted like a bumble-bee. It even looks like a bumble-bee with those weird… what are those leg thingies really? Why is it smiling at me? Wait, what!? Hyundai!?

Yup, it’s a Hyundai. And those legs are just dragged behind it like some lazy oversized insect. They do nothing more that support the unstable shape. It even looks like the wheels are the same as the kind found on warehouse crates. Not to mention a crack in the asphalt will probably rip one of your two stingers right off.

The egg shape reveals an internal tube-frame upon which the entire structure seems to sit. The sides and top of the egg have been removed to create a ‘U’ shape in which the rider is placed. The missing sides however, have been replaced with panels that appear to be able to swing to and from the overall egg shape to allow the rider to step into the vehicle.

I could much rather see this type of design for autonomous vehicles and not for getting to work looking like a rich Humpty Dumpty. It all looks like humans are from a reptilian species and this is the incubation chamber.

The power for its movement comes from a 24-volt battery that powers an electric 500 watt motor, allowing for a load limit of 176 pounds (80 kg) and a max speed limit of 18 miles per hour (30 km).

The function for the E4U is comparative of the similar systems used by Segway vehicles. Moving forward, stopping, and turning, all utilize the rider's body movements to perform the functions. However, unlike most Segways, with the E4U, the rider is sitting down on a sort of chair. Similar to the way you would be sitting in your car.

Now for the funny bit. The top of the egg is… a helmet!? That’s right! That funny looking glass screen, which is actually the windshield for the vehicle according to Hyundai designs, is to be mounted onto the rider’s head. Making this urban mobility vehicle truly one with its rider. You’ve got to be kidding? At best it’s a bug-screen.

Unfortunately, we aren’t. That’s probably why the Hyundai E4U never even made it too far. Not on the streets, not even into our imagination.

However, it seems that this botched job did inspire a whole new class of single-person urban vehicles. Some with a much better design and some even worse. Yeah, it’s possible to go worse.

If you look up the E4U Hyundai on Google, you will have quite a hard time finding any official Hyundai comments or announcements. It all looks like a cover-up now.


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