Onboard Footage of Clio IV RS at Goodwood

The fourth generation of Renault’s Clio RS made its public debut up the hill at Goodwood, where the French manufacturer brought a camouflaged version of the car. A new video was posted on Renault’s channel today, featuring driving footage from inside the RS and one thing is clear - it’s a turbo!
The engine sounds suspiciously like that of the Megane R26R, a car which was characterized by a whooshing sound coming from the back, a sound which makes its presence felt in the latest hot Clio. This hints at the fact that the exhaust of the new RS is very similar to that of both the R26R and the latest Megane RS, despite its engine being smaller, a 1.6-liters.

However, we noticed a strange unevenness in the way the engine sounded. It may have been caused by distortion from the video, but it only seems to appear when the car was under full throttle, so we aren’t really sure what it is.


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