On-Road Harmony Between Animal and Human Is Possible: This One's a Horse Transporter!

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Photo: Dickenherr Trucks & Trailers
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They say that you should learn something new every day, and today, we'll be checking out a different kind of vehicle, one that perfectly blends the luxury of home with, well, a barn or horse stables. This is what the "Optimus" has to offer.
Folks, the machine before you today is nothing more than a "no limit" take on a horse trailer or truck, one that goes a step beyond just storing your most prized equines and invites both animal and human to live in on-road harmony.

We'll talk more about the crew behind the magic in a moment, but for now, let's just take a closer look at what the heck is going on. By the looks of things, a DAF chassis sits as the base for this six-horse stable on wheels. However, Dickenherr Trucks & Trailers, the manufacturer behind what we see, does build bespoke units, and since they have experience working with an array of tractor manufacturers, feel free to ask for a Mercedes or any other machine that fits your needs.

Now, what's important to note about Dickenherr is that they bring "decades of Sport Horse and Thoroughbred management experience" to this game, so everything you see is more or less for the ponies, with a "let's not forget about the boys" kind of fell, but decked out in complete to European standards, and if you know how they roll over the pond, well, that's what's in store.

Photo: Dickenherr Trucks & Trailers
Once that base vehicle is in place, Dickenherr comes in with its manufacturing and design know-how to craft that massive shell. It even includes several slide-outs, multiple ramp doors, and a one-story layout with a loft. As you'd expect, fiberglass is king here, so things are as light as possible. Four layouts, ranging from four to seven horses, can be chosen.

Starting our journey from the cab and heading toward the rear, we first encounter the living space for any groomers or stablehands that may be needed on the trip. Depending on how many steeds you're hauling, this space differs in size and features. Yet, our favorite layout has to be the "Luxuriöse Wohnung" or "Luxurious Apartment" option. Six stallion stalls and one heck of a living space are found inside.

While I'm not sure which layout the images in the gallery depict, we can still get a very clear idea of how this manufacturer likes to do things. For instance, I spotted a modular dinette, massive galley blocks with flush countertops, and elevated bedrooms, too. Did I mention complete bathrooms, no wet baths? There's even an entertainment center for downtime and a view of the world outside via windows or skylights.

Photo: Dickenherr Trucks & Trailers
Best of all, this living space is designed to allow access from the cab and to the precious cargo in the back without ever having to stop your vehicle. Of course, this does depend on the layout you've chosen. Sadly, there are no images on the manufacturer's website of any of the completed stables of the Optimus, but I've added a shot or two of other Dickenherr stables to get an idea of what's in store.

Last but not least, I do need to mention that a machine such as this is built a tad differently than your average road-worthy 18-wheeler and more like an expedition truck, packed to the teeth with the features needed to ensure that life goes on no matter the conditions. After all, four-legged moneymakers are hanging out in the back, and they need to be primed and ready on race or show day. Even cameras are called upon to keep a link between human and animal.

That said, owners can find everything from generators to water tanks, pumps, an electrical setup that's more complicated than a home, and automatization of just about everything that can be; your cargo will be feeding and drinking on a schedule operated by a proverbial Swiss watch. Don't worry, the homo erectus have it pretty good, too, including washers and dryers, ovens, and whatever else you may need.

Photo: Dickenherr Trucks & Trailers
As for the minds and hands behind what you see, it's none other than Dickenherr Trucks & Trailers, a crew that operates out of Germany but ships their amazing machines worldwide. This includes the US, so if you have some proverbial ponies you prance around at shows, give this crew a call and see how far things can really go. They're even big over in the Middle East, and you know those sheiks don't mess around when it comes to loving their horses; some stables look like downright palaces! Dickenherr also specializes in building everything from trailers to ambulances and even coaches like this one, all designed with the horse in mind.

The question now remains as to how much something like this costs. Well, the manufacturer's website mentions "No Limits," and that's one way to look at it; bespoke units are always difficult to approximate as a plethora of features go into something like this.

That said, you're going to have to give old Dickenherr a call to find out just how much cash you'll have to pump into an Optimus. As an idea, RVs and motorhomes of this nature cost well into the millions, and so we can clearly expect the same here, considering countless other systems are in place for monitoring the health of your equine fleet. Today, I learned that vehicles like these exist, and they're pretty amazing!
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