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Older Audi Q3 Gets Full Android Power with Aftermarket Upgrade

The first-generation Audi Q3 already comes with a pretty decent infotainment system and head unit, but those looking for more can always turn to several aftermarket options, some of which come with full Android.
New head unit in Audi Q3 8 photos
Audi Q3 HU upgradeAudi Q3 HU upgradeAudi Q3 HU upgradeAudi Q3 HU upgradeAudi Q3 HU upgradeAudi Q3 HU upgradeAudi Q3 HU upgrade
This is the case of the upgrade we have here today, as the aftermarket specialists at DMP Car Design have upgraded a previous Audi Q3 system with a new 8.8-inch Android-powered unit.

The first obvious benefit of the upgrade is the larger screen. It goes without saying that a larger screen makes things like the navigation and music playback a lot more enjoyable behind the wheel (and this is actually one of the reason so many people want a vertical display similar to what Tesla is offering on some of its models).

Then, having the a full Android head unit in the car opens the door to more capabilities, some of which wouldn’t otherwise be possible on systems like Android Auto.

Since it’s powered by the phone itself, Android Auto comes with a series of limitations, including some aimed at the apps that you can run on the screen.

On the other hand, a full Android device comes with a genuine experience without any compromises, which means you can run not only the regular driving apps, such as Google Maps and Waze, but also other extras like YouTube and Netflix (and which you must only use when parked).

Furthermore, a full Android unit also comes with its very own browser, so when not in motion, you can use it to search the web and look for information without the need for turning to the mobile phone for the whole thing.

DMP Car Design did not mention how much the upgrade ended up costing, but judging from the photos they published on Instagram (and embedded below), it’s a mod so many of us would go for in any car.


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