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Old-School-Looking Speedometer Is, in Fact, Among the Smartest, Feature-Rich Bike Cockpits

Conceived as a smart, multifunction onboard computer for motorcycles, the Corbit from CMoto manages to perfectly blend advanced technology with a timeless, classic look, proving that the future can sometimes look old-school.
CMoto Corbit smart motorcycle cockpit 7 photos
CMoto Corbit motorcycle onboard computerCMoto Corbit motorcycle onboard computerCMoto Corbit motorcycle onboard computerCMoto Corbit motorcycle onboard computerCMoto Corbit motorcycle onboard computerCMoto Corbit motorcycle onboard computer
With a minimalist, uncluttered but sleek design, Corbit is more than your average speedometer. In fact, its manufacturer goes as far as to call it the world’s smartest, although that might be a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, this motorcycle accessory is eye-catching and rich in features, not to mention that is German-engineered. Its developer is a Hamburg-based startup called CMoto and the Corbit is just one of their several cockpit models available.

Designed as a plug & play solution, Corbit is compatible with both iOS and Android and brings some really neat features to the table, from music streaming and weather alerts to radar, navigation functions, and more.

With safety being the number one priority when riding your wheeler, Corbit is easy to handle and allows you to keep your hands on the handlebars and focus on the road. It offers a wireless connection, comes with voice output, vehicle assistant, automatic volume control, crash detection, accident & hazard warning, to name just a few of its features.

You can connect the motorcycle to your phone and two helmets, as well as with other riders. The Corbit cockpit is fully customizable and one advanced piece of machinery that displays a myriad of information. It is packed with sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, air humidity sensor, proximity sensor, thermometer, ambient light sensors, and more) and offers 128 GB of storage, an external joystick, and a microSD slot. It has configurable analog and digital inputs.

You can customize the Corbit in countless ways, making it display app notifications from your phone, using it to answer calls and messages, stream music, or get instant messages about your two-wheeler. The device can also display vehicle data, driving stats, and notifications about maintenance, consumption, or wear parts.

Overall, CMoto’s Corbit cockpit is a brainiac disguised as an old-school, stylish speedometer, one that can cater to all your riding needs. It can now be purchased on Indiegogo where it is available at a price of €330 (around $380), with the estimated shipping date being December 2022. You can also check out CMoto's smart motorcycle cockpits in the video below.

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