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Old Camper Saved From Demolition Was Turned Into a Lovely Retro Tiny Home

People’s passion for vintage vehicles can sometimes make miracles. What now looks like an adorable tiny home with a vintage vibe was once a simple shell in really bad condition, just one step away from demolition. Luckily, Claris got a new life as a glamping retreat without losing its unique retro charm.
Claris is now a wonderful glamping camper in New Zealand 10 photos
Claris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage CaravanClaris Vintage Caravan
At first, Paul Cooper, a New Zealand-based boat builder who also happens to love vintage campers (or caravans, as they’re known there), managed to save this 1965 Clipper Jubilee and add it to the long row of campers in his workshop, waiting to be renovated. The old thing had been abandoned on a farm, where it was going to be demolished if Paul hadn’t shown up.

Then, Mieke Lambermon came along and fell in love with the retro camper that brought back childhood memories. These caravans were an important part of the ’50s and ‘60s lifestyle in New Zealand and intimately linked to family beach vacations. Together, Paul and Mieke carefully restored Claris, and it was serious work. Only the original floors could be saved. The rest was in pretty bad shape.

Mieke made sure to keep Claris’ vintage allure intact, starting from the exterior (boasting a Technicolor coat in Tangerine, Trade Green, Solitaire, and a custom-made awning) to the cozy interior. The bespoke kitchen flaunts three original Bakelite dinner sets in different colors, as well as vintage striped glasses. Milk glass and chrome fittings were re-used for lighting.

The small caravan can now accommodate one or two guests – there’s a generous bed, plus a bespoke kitchen. Although stylish and modern in terms of comfort, Claris doesn’t have a bathroom, TV, or Wi-Fi. Instead, it’s perfect for an off-grid vacation in a beautiful location in Auckland.

When it was almost 50 years old, this camper was in the worst condition ever, but a twist of fate helped it become a unique glamping retreat that will hopefully thrive for many decades to come. Those who would like to find out more about Claris can check out Airbnb.

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