Oil Giant Sunoco Unveils Burnt Rubber Fragrance, Captures the Essence of Racing

When you’re the official fuel sponsor of NASCAR, NHRA, INDYCAR and 50 other racing series, there’s one thing you know best: how the race track smells. How horsepower monsters sound like, what being a professional racer really is and all that are also part of your experience, of course. But what better way to connect men to the rage of speed and women to the desire of adventure if not through an excellent scent?
Oil Giant Sunoco Unveils Burnt Rubber Fragrance, Captures the Essence of Racing 1 photo
Sure, this could be mere marketing, they might be using petrolheads’ desire for racing to sell their products. And we can’t tell for sure until somebody sends us a small bottle of the essence, one of us wears it, and we start asking our female friends what they think of it. Nevertheless, the idea you could replicate the smell of race track burnt rubber in a scent is a dream come true.

We stumbled upon Sunoco’s commercials this weekend. At first we thought it’s some joke, promoting a racing event of a sort. But, since our curiosity was tickled by the possibility of having that type of product available in real life, we had to find out more. It turns out, Sunoco Burnt Rubber Cologne is mixing in just enough sweet and spicy notes to keep the most race- particular scents from overpowering the proceedings.

How do we get one? A good question to ask, but a sad answer to give since this fragrance is not available for purchase. At least not for now. You can, however, get one if you follow the company on Facebook. It’s one of those lottery type of thing that could make you the happy owner of the scent-of-racetrack-owner. If you will actually join the drill and win it, please let us know if the perfume lives up to its expectations.


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