Ohio Farmer Loves Ford So Much, He Sacrifices a Cornfield to Create an F-150-Shaped Maze

Oh, the things people do for love. They buy roses, they buy boxes of chocolates, they tattoo all kinds of stuff on their bodies, and lately, they cut their cornfields so that they look like an F-150 pickup truck when viewed from above.
Ford F-150 pickup truck cornfield maze 1 photo
Photo: Ford USA
Yup, you read that right, it wasn’t the aliens who suddenly developed an attraction for Ford’s utility vehicles, but your good old American farmer who’s been using blue oval’s cars for generations. So what if that meant compromising some of the farmed area? There’s plenty more where that came from.

All-in-all, the maze takes up seven acres of land, and since we’re not that good at farming, we can’t tell you how much money the Leaders family wasted by not harvesting the corn. We also have no idea what kind of investment something like this requires, as it clearly involved the use of some serious farming equipment. You know, farming equipment that could have been used for something more profitable instead.

The maze is open for anybody who’s in the area to try and find the exit, but the Leaders don’t charge anything for that, so they’re clearly not doing it for financial gains. The 1,120 bushels of corn that will eventually be harvested, however, will be put to good use for the animals in the farm.

In case you’re looking at the image and you’re thinking “there’s no way this is the first time they’ve done something like this,” you’re right. The Leaders have been doing stuff like this for the past 18 years, but something requiring the kind of precision needed to draw a pickup truck in a cornfield called for some hi-tech equipment. Stuff like GPS.

Asked by Ford how they came up with the idea, Kristin Leaders, the female half of the family, had this to say: “We are a multi-generation Ford-driving family. My husband Brad was reading a magazine last winter and saw the new F-150 design and loved it. We thought it would really stand out as the feature of this year's corn maze.”

Now, whether they got some incentive from Ford or not is really none of our business, but one thing is clear: we wouldn’t want to be caught in that maze - it looks complicated.

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