Offline Unveils New Solitaire: The "Floating" Hybrid Travel Trailer for Glamping Couples

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Photo: Offline Campers / YouTube Screenshot
Since 2018, Offline Campers has been unleashing their magic upon Australia, and now, they're at it again. What we have before us, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing more than this crew's newest addition to a growing family, the Solitaire.
Folks, the renderings and images in the gallery are of none other than the Solitaire, a travel trailer from Offline Campers designed to give lovers of the greater outdoors and adventurers a dependable habitat upon which they can rely when all the world is out to get you. Considering Offline was born in Australia, a land where just about everything is fighting for its survival, all that really makes sense.

However, unlike other Australian campers you may have seen on our web pages, the Solitaire is a beast, both in terms of capability, but also price. Typically, the majority of off-road and off-grid-capable caravans from the land down under come in with a price that usually tops off at around $80K Australian.

Photo: Offline Campers / YouTube Screenshot
For example, the Solitaire 14', the smallest floorplan available for the new lineup, is priced starting at $130K Australian, which is around $88K American. Again, a tad more than Australians may be used to, but nothing out of the ordinary for North America. Still, there are clear reasons why Offline priced this puppy the way they did, and with this, we kick off precisely what makes a Solitaire worthy of your attention if you're in the market for something like this.

The Solitarie's magic kicks off with nothing other than the base for all its magic: one hell of a beefed-up suspension system. Overall, the Solitaire is rocking a Cruisemaster ATX airbag suspension with a controller attached to a hot-dip galvanized chassis. Yes, you'll be floating on air. Couple this with "high ground clearance" and a steep departure angle, which Offline doesn't mention on its website, and we have a base for our adventure.

Once that base is set, Offline comes in with a shell crafted from alloys and composites and designed to withstand the worst Australia can throw at you. What is important to note is that the pop top and rear of this hybrid unit are composed of good old tent canvas. The question is: What hides in there?

Photo: Offline Campers / YouTube Screenshot
While the images in the gallery show us very little of what's inside the Solitaire, there's a little video below that's sure to give you a clear understanding. If you don't have time to watch said video - I recommend it - all you need to know is that the rear of the unit is reserved for nothing other than an ensuite bathroom, accessible only when and if you need it, and set up on an electric platform that forms the rear of the Solitaire while traveling. Regarding the pop-top, it's for nothing other than creating some extra headroom inside, even though you could easily rest for the night without ever popping the top.

As for what we can expect from the interior of this bad boy, the unit is reserved for nothing more than an innerspring queen bed, a lounge with a dinette, a kitchenette, plenty of storage cabinets, and access directly to the bathroom I mentioned. Heaters, AC units, countless power outlets, and fans.

Now, as nice as that interior looks, there's more to the Solitaire. I'm talking about all the off-grid features Offline places at our disposal. According to the current product page, which is bound to receive a massive upgrade here pretty soon, the Solitaire can be loaded up with up to 800 W of solar panel power, 600 Ah of lithium battery array, and as much as 340 l (90 gals) of fresh water, all of it, integrated into that bulletproof shell.

Photo: Offline Campers / YouTube Screenshot
Finally, like most other Australian campers we've seen over the years, the Solitaire is heavily inclined toward outdoor living, and with that in mind, we discover the last piece of this puzzle: the galley. To whip up your meals, Offline invites and urges future Solitaire owners to cook their favorite meals outdoors under God's everlasting gaze.

Here, future owners will have access to a galley that's set up on a slide-out and equipped with gas and hot water lines. A 95-liter fridge also accompanies the mix and is spotted at the very nose of the Solitaire. An awning overhead provides shade in case the sun's beating down on your neck. Be sure to take a moment out of your busy day to imagine yourself in the center of all that you see.

But there is a big catch to this unit: it's only available to Australian residents. After all, Offline doesn't ship to the US, and if they did, they'd need an entirely new production line to give us units designed for our roads and regulations. That said, I may just be looking into taking a trip to Aussieland to see what a Solitaire can do, with the risk that I may forever stay there.

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