Official: Bentley’s First SUV Will Be Called Bentayga

Just as the 2015 Detroit Auto Show is unfolding, Bentley decided to tell us what the name of its upcoming SUV will be: Bentayga. It might seem like it has something to do with the brand’s name and... you’d be right.
Bentley Bentayga Side Wing vent 1 photo
The Brits also confirmed that their SUV will be unveiled later this year and it will be the first of its kind, in a niche that basically has no competition. That’s at least until the rumored Rolls-Royce alternative comes out and then things are going to get out of hand.

However, until that time comes, the Bentayga will be able to roam free and create its own following. According to the press release, the car will be ‘sector-defining’ and it will introduce the brand’s luxury to new destinations (due to its high ground clearance, probably) with a combination of both on and off road performance.

The name, as you probably guessed already, has to do with the company’s founder and the Taiga, the world’s largest transcontinental snowforest. Too bad it’s located in Russia but we get the appeal of harsh, extreme environments when it comes to naming an SUV.

“Bentayga is a name that reflects what we know our SUV will do better than any other car in the world – combine the best automotive luxury with outstanding performance to take the Bentley experience to new environments,” said Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors.

No official word on the specs for now but rumor has it that the new Bentayga will be available in more combinations, using either the 4-liter V8 or the 6-liter W12 engines with or without a plug-in hybrid alternative. Most likely, the car will be unveiled later this year (we’re guessing Frankfurt) and will go on sale in 2016.


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