Officer Froo Froo Is the Marijuana-Sniffing Feline Unit of the Salina City PD

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April Fools’ day is behind us, but gems such as this clip continue to show up on the Internet. It looks like the Salina City Police Department was in the mood for a laugh as they devised one of the best pranks we have seen so far.
Of course, like any prank, it first of all needs a bunch of credulous people to work. And the officer delivering the act was fortunate enough to find five of them traveling in a black Nissan Armada SUV. He does set the stage nicely, informing them before anything else that they've been caught speeding. You tend to be a lot nicer towards the law enforcer when you know it's up to him whether he'll issue a ticket or not.

After letting the driver know the precarious situation he was in, he begins to ask them whether they are in possession of any illegal substances. The driver demonstrates his nervousness by asking the lady in the back about her drugs and what they contain. As long as it's not marijuana, cocaine, heroin or meth, they're OK, the officer clarifies.

Now it's time for the officer's feline partner to jump into the picture. The policeman goes back to his car and picks up a black cat with white whiskers and white paws: this is officer Froo Froo, a drug-sniffing cat that's been with the Police Department's feline unit for eight years. The folks are given a quick tutorial on Froo Froo's MO: she'll be deployed around the vehicle and if they could hear her meow three times in a row, then they are surely in trouble.

This cruel man pulling the cruel joke on these nice people just can't help himself, and so he takes things to the next level: "She's trained in Dutch, so we're gonna use 'geeft (as a cue word).'" Give this man a medal, or better yet, hire him as an actor right now. If he can keep a straight face while circling a car with a cat in his hand repeating "geeft" every five seconds, how hard can it be to get an Oscar? "See the interest?" he asks, and while nobody saw it, I'm sure they all agreed Froo Froo was very interested.

He does crack up in the end - not before he tries his luck with the lady sitting in the back, asking her if she has a lot of cats (a nicer way to ask whether she was the crazy cats lady type), but to no avail. Officer Froo Froo happened to come across a car of dog persons. Which made me think: if the feline drug detection unit really existed, all the drug dealers would have to do was to keep a dog in the car at all times. Police protection and all, Froo Froo wouldn't be caught dead near it, not to mention meow three times.

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