Off-Road Wheelchair? Meet the Tomahawk

As I was telling you in a previous article, all wheeled vehicles are evolving these days and so should wheelchairs. And while that time we looked at an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber wheelchair, it’s now time to see a full berserk off-road version.
Rocket Mobility Tomahawk 8 photos
Photo: Rocket Mobility
Off-road Tomahawk wheelchairOff-road Tomahawk wheelchairOff-road Tomahawk wheelchairOff-road Tomahawk wheelchairOff-road Tomahawk wheelchairOff-road Tomahawk wheelchairOff-road Tomahawk wheelchair
This is the Tomahawk and it’s made by Rocket Mobility in an effort to show the world losing your mobility doesn’t mean losing your independence and you can still look awesome.

Speaking of coolness, this “wheelchair” is inspired by warmachines and also has a war-related story. Brice Cawford, the company’s owner, discovered how hard is for a disabled person to get around in different kinds of terrain.

His grandfather had to use a prosthetic leg after stepping on a land mine in WW II, while his mother had difficulty walking due to nerve damage suffered during an operation. Moved by situations like these, Mr. Brice decided to put an end to them and came up with this electric “trackchair”.

A mini tank built for all conditions

Yep, unlike the rest of the wheelchairs out there, the Tomahawk is a tracked personal mobility vehicle, which does seem to look like a sturdy miniature tank ready to climb on anything.

The 172 kg (380 lb) Tomahawk is built on a steel frame, packing two 12V batteries used to energize two separate 6.2 hp (4.8 kW) electric motors, which in turn are working the treads on each side.

In this guise, the machine provides 14 cm (5.5 inch) of ground clearance while the seat rises at 58 cm (23 inch) above ground, measuring 50 cm (19.5 inch) in width. It’s covered in leather with contrast stitching, has a lap safety belt as well as armrests and controls on each side.

Max speed in this contraption can reach 10 km/h (6 mph) and can go like that for about 19 km (12 miles). Thanks to being a tracked vehicle, the Tomahawk can also turn on the spot.

The only downside of this project is the cost. The starting price is just under $10,000 (€8,150), but if you go further and fit it with optionals like a self-leveling drink holder, a gun rack, LED headlight, roll bar and other bits and bobs, the price can go up to $ 12,960 (€10,560).
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