Off-road, Any Road - The Tomoloo F2 E-scooter Can Do Them All

By now I'm sure you’ve grown tired of all the e-scooters going round your town. Well, maybe not so much lately, but all the restrictions will eventually be lifted. And when they are, everybody’s going to be zipping through town again.
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Photo: Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co. Ltd
F2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooterF2 E-scooter
When that happens, one of the new beasts you’ll see around is this Chinese scooter. I have no doubt you’ll see one as it boasts some pretty amazing specs for the price it rolls in at. It’s called the F2 e-scooter from Tomoloo, a pioneer tech company from Shenzhen China.

To start, it looks like your average city scooter with some beefed up parts. But those heavy-duty parts are there to offer more than just the average we’ve grown accustomed to. About the frame we don’t know much. We have no mention as to what sort of material was used in its construction, but we do know that the footboard is wider than most. This allows you to stand quite comfortably and even allows for better maneuverability as you move much more freely on the board.

One thing we can see on the frame that may give us an idea on what type of material is used in the construction is welding. So we can deduce that it’s either steel or aluminum. This mystery material gives the scooter and all its components an overall weight of 39.7 lbs. (18kg)

So, let's get into the components a bit. By now we’ve understood it’s electric, and that leaves us with a few questions. What about the motor? Well, here we find another case of “who done it.” We aren’t told one bit about the motor except that it can crunch out a full 700W of power. This 36V rear-hub motor is enough to rival current scooters on the market and even enough to tackle a 20-degree hill-climb. But it will only do this at a max speed of 15.5 mph (25kph).

F2 E\-scooter
Photo: Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co. Ltd
As far as the powerhouse for this EV, we find a 576Wh battery from god knows who. Once again, we are left in the dark as to who is manufacturing these components. But this isn’t the first time we encounter this issue with e-whatever from China. It would seem they really know how to keep a secret.

My only paranoia is why won’t they tell us anything. Another downside of the ride is the massive 6-hour recharge time. With the way battery technology is evolving, this shouldn’t be happening. But I guess that's one of the reasons why this scooter is currently going for $589 (496 Euro at the time of writing this article) on IndieGoGo.

However somewhere along the way this puppy is losing some power as the set-up is only rated for a 350W power output. However, it seems that for every downside, the F2 comes back with a plus. The entire contraption is IPX4 waterproof certified. So you don’t have to worry if you get caught in a summer rain on your way home.

F2 E\-scooter
Photo: Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co. Ltd
The F2 is also equipped with a suspension system that most scooters on the market today simply don’t have. Although some are starting to get the idea. We find a front spring suspension over the front tire, while the pneumatic tires don’t do much for suspension, but you will be able to ride through whatever you encounter.

To go we find a thumb throttle, but it’s a bit different from other push-button systems in that you’ll actually press a little lever that then twists, a sort of hybrid system if you will. Throw on a front disk and rear drum braking system and your good to go. Oh, and don’t forget about the LCD screen to show you everything except your birthday or Facebook account.

Now that’s a decently promising array of components. My final question would be how long I can take it off roading like the gentleman in the video below?
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