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Off-Grid Tiny Home in New Zealand Is Totally Unique, Comes With a Polaris Ranger ATV

One of the most unique glamping spots is hidden in Northland, New Zealand, among native bush and a few acres of farmland. It’s totally off-grid, eco-conscious, and even off-road, which is why it includes a Polaris Ranger ATV for private use.
Arohanui is a unique glamping spot comprised of several tiny homes that are connected 13 photos
Arohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny HouseArohanui Tiny House
This isn’t just one tiny house, but several tiny cabins, all gathered under the name Arohanui, translated as “much love.” But the original part is each cabin is dedicated to a single thing – bedrooms, a kitchen, and a massive cast iron bathtub. There’s no Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, or washing machine, so the guests would be able to really wind down and connect with nature.

On the other hand, there’s enough space outside for a covered pergola in the charming courtyard, with an authentic pizza oven and a hammock. That sounds like a great way to enjoy being outdoors, in addition to the tree swings and campfire set-ups.

The kitchen is fully equipped, and there’s heating and hot water. However, the power supply is limited and available for recharging devices only in the tiny kitchen cabin.

The tiny houses are made of native timbers that were recycled, and other sustainable and upcycled materials were used as much as possible. Despite their simplicity, these cabins reveal carefully-decorated interiors inspired by the early colonial style. As you would expect from an off-grid setup, there’s a seamless connection between the outdoors and the indoors, reflected in details such as French doors and a skylight in the bedroom tiny home.

Arohanui can welcome a family or even a small group. If the guests don’t have a car that can handle the off-road track to the tiny cabins, they can park their vehicle at the farm shed and switch to the ATV that’s provided. That’s a Polaris Ranger with six seats and seat belts, just the right companion for an off-grid experience.

This interesting glamping spot for outdoor fun offers a different perspective on tiny home living, and can be booked through Airbnb.

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