Odd & Even Plates, One More Crazy Law in France

Honestly, I start to believe that there is something very wrong in France, after learning from the fellow riders at motorbiker about the latest crazy law the French authorities recently though of enforcing. Hold on to your chairs, as you’re most likely not going anywhere: circulation is to be restricted on the basis on your registration plates. Vehicles with odd and even plate numbers are to be allowed to circulate every other day. This measure is supposed to be enforced in Paris only, one of our readers informs us.
Parked motorcycles 1 photo
That is, just as your puzzled brains are trying to figure out, that vehicles with odd registration numbers can be driven on public roads say, today, while tomorrow it’s time for those whose registration numbers are even. How about that for road regulations, huh?

We knew such measures had been adopted back in the day before 1989 in the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but the measure was only enforced during weekends and because of fuel shortage caused by the “savings” all communist regimes have been obsessed with.

This dumb measure is allegedly triggered by increasing number of diesel vehicles on the French roads, and is expected to help curb pollution levels. Now, besides the violation of a citizen’s right to circulate, this cretin project is also a pile of dung because it includes motorcycles and scooters, too. Recognized from times immemorial as the greener alternative to cars, the two-wheelers have been dragged in this crap, anyway.

The only exempts are to be electric cars and bikes and authorities’ vehicles, of course. So if you’re driving a small-displacement VW Polo, or a 500cc bike, you should leave it at home on a certain day, because you’re a polluting villain. This is what a politician will tell you from his 4.2-liter diesel Audi A8…

People loving outside the city, having to go to work or drop/pick up kids form school or so? Maybe going shopping or the like? Screw them! Not nice, monsieurs, not nice at all…


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