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"Obsidian 81" Is the Perfect Yacht for Throwing Private Pool Parties in Style
What do you do once you’ve become a billionaire? Do you build an apartment complex? Do you go on vacation to some deserted island? Do you buy that island? All of the above and then some. To do your island hopping, however, you will need to get one of these.

"Obsidian 81" Is the Perfect Yacht for Throwing Private Pool Parties in Style

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Ladies and gents, what we are looking at is another conceptual superyacht that’s just marvelous. Before you start to doubt its looks and ability, understand that a superyacht does not mean lavish style and pompous luxuries. Some designs are all about balance, all about style through simplicity.

This is one of those clean-cut and minimalist designs that offers more than the necessary luxuries of this lifestyle. It is known as the Obsidian 81 and is designed by Igor Jankovic, a freelance designer from Novi Sad, Serbia.

That 81 stands for the ship’s length in meters, or 265 ft. This is just a little bit smaller than other superyachts we may be used to, but the way this vessel is drawn up makes it fit into just about any lifestyle. Most yachts this size also include a wide array of perks, toys, and activities. The 81, however, isn’t so packed to the brim with these sorts of things, but rather, the few abilities it does have, it excels at.

We have absolutely nothing specific as to what sort of materials went into the hull build or superstructure, but frankly, none are needed yet as it is still a concept. But this doesn’t mean we can’t deconstruct the hell out of what we see.

The bow of the vessel is dropped, looking more like a speed boat that a superyacht. That recessed space that cuts into the bow, hoses a helicopter pad and a couple of welcome couches and a table. But the beauty of this space is that it leads directly to the owner's loft. Aside from the master bedroom, this deck also houses a cocktail lounge, and at the very rear, and entertainment center ready with a projector and screen.

Above this deck we can find an open-air pool with an outdoor bar and lounging equipment all around the edge of this deck. Underneath the owners deck we find the largest deck. At the rear of this deck, we see a set of stairs and a welcoming wooden sea-deck. Once we get to the top of the stairs, we are greeted by what seems to be a long and narrow endless pool with a number of lounge pads, all exposed to the open sky. But beyond that we find an interior dining area and TV lounge.

Should you choose to travel to the bow of the ship without entering this space, you can. This deck and the owners deck include corridors outside of the interiors to allow guests to move freely without disrupting interior spaces or activities. Afterall, not everyone is doing the same things at the same time on a yacht.

But there is one more deck we haven’t covered. The lowest deck of a ship like this is usually reserved for the engine systems and crew quarters. The Obsidian includes all of that as well, but a little bit of the space on this deck is reserved for yet another pool. This time and indoor pool area and spa is set-up, with access from the decks above, but also through an opening a segment of the hull lowers into. This segment also couples as another more intimate sundeck.

Most of the interior spaces on the ship use marble and wood flooring, depending on whether the space is exposed to many of the elements or not. The use of wood on some of the walls also help keep an earthy tone to the interior. While low levels of lighting help offer a decent level of intimacy.

Honestly, I'm not a person that needs a lot in this life. I don’t need a billion dollars or anything like that, but I sure would like to own any one of the decks on this ship. Even if it didn’t float out on the seas and was just set-up in my backyard.


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