Obama Administration to Drop Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Backing

The Obama administration in the US declared its full support of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle development and the creation of the hydrogen fueling station network, thus taking some of the spotlight away from all-electric vehicles.
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Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles really, genuinely make a lot more sense than merely carrying 300 kilos-worth of batteries. You have your own little power station which is 100% green and runs on one of the most abundant elements in the Universe and the only by-product of the creation of electricity is water.

Apparently, at a recent event, US Government officials claimed that they may be changing their policy towards hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, encouraging the purchase of normal EVs, and it seems that their automaker partners aren't reaching the desired profit margins.

This idea is also confirmed by reports that EVs aren’t selling as good as expected and since fuel-cell tech is expensive to develop and test, they need to sell these rather rudimentary EVs that we’re seeing nowadays cropping up all over the place, and in most manufacturers’ range.

The initial estimates of a few years ago were pointing towards 2.8-million EVs sold in the US by the year 2020, but apparently that was a bit too optimistic and the figure has been drastically reduced to only 1 million. Sadly, the world we live in isn’t ruled by common sense and the desire to have everybody living well and happy, so we should expect the suppression of alternative means of power until something is done about the evil elite ruling the world.

Story via Slate
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