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NYC Man Accidentally Backs Into Wife at Car Wash, Kills Her

A couple from Queens, New York City, took out their car for a wash at a nearby BP gas station this past Saturday, and he ended up running over her.
Man accidentally backs Jeep Commander into wife at car wash, kills her 8 photos
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Though police are usually suspect any time a woman dies at the hands of her partner / spouse, eyewitnesses and the victim’s family tell the New York Post that this was a most unfortunate accident. The man is “distraught” about what happened and his part in all this, and has barely been able to utter a single word since the tragedy.

According to the report, the two went out to have their red Jeep Commander washed at the gas station situated less than a mile from their home. They were about to have the vehicle moved off to dry off, when the man realized he’d left it in reverse. He jumped in but accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, which propelled the Jeep backwards – and into the unsuspecting wife standing behind it.

Isabel Ramirez-Cohetero, 51, was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. The family says that they’re not blaming her 50-year-old husband for what happened, because this was clearly an accident – a most heartbreaking and life-altering one, but an accident nonetheless.

A worker for the car wash says the man was besides himself with pain when he realized what he’d done.

“A man ran inside crying ‘My wife, my wife, my wife in serious condition. Call the ambulance.’ He kept on repeating ambulance, ambulance,” the worker explains for the media outlet. “I went outside and I saw the lady laying on the ground on her back. […] This is sad. I feel sorry for the husband. He was crying, he was upset.”

As of the time of writing, no charges have been brought against the man, but the police investigation is still underway.


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