Nurburgring's Infamous "YouTube" Corner Loses Its Gravel Trap for 2017

The Nurburgring is now almost ready for the 2017 season and those of you who will get to meet the Green Hell this year, whether in person or online, will be treated with quite a change, one that has to do with the Brunnchen 2 corner.
Nurburgring's "YouTube" Corner Loses Its Gravel Trap for 2017 3 photos
Nurburgring's "YouTube" Corner Loses Its Gravel Trap for 2017Nurburgring's "YouTube" Corner Loses Its Gravel Trap for 2017
The bend, which is arguably (we'd also nominate Schwredenkreutz) the most famous twist of the German track, has gained the unofficial YouTuber corner title, as tons and tons of crashes, or near-accidents take place over there.

We have to tell you that the gravel trap on the left side of the twist is now gone, being replaced with zig-zag blocks. We'll tip our helmets to Bridge To Gantry for this story.

The Nordschleife is scheduled to open its gates for 2017 next month, but not for amateur drivers. Those willing to engage in the Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) events will have to wait until April to put their skill to the test.

The run-off area on the left side of the track won't affect those who steer clear of their vehicles' limits, but if you're waiting to tackle the said twist at full blast, you might find the replacement decision as troublesome.

With the gravel's momentum-reducting asset now gone, those who get it terribly wrong through this bend will have a more difficult time coping with the resulting ka-bangs.

Of course, minor track exits, which saw drivers getting trapped in the gravel or at least spreading dust onto the track, which needed to be cleaned, are set to become smoother.

Oh well, now that the grip-altering change has been introduced, all we can do is bring some famous Brunnchen 2 mishaps back under the spotlights. We've decided to bring along two examples of less often happenings - while the first clip below shows a YT corner crash that actually took place on the right side of the track, the second delivers what might be the best Brunnchen save we've ever seen.

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