Number of EV Charging Sessions to Jump to 1.5 Billion per Year by 2026

At the time of writing, the world is happily embracing the electric revolution in the automotive sector as a herald of a much needed change in the way we treat this planet. EVs are still young, romantic even, are we’re yet to see the other side of the coin, the one saying extensive use of EVs (more precisely battery production and electricity generation) will have the exact opposite effect.
EV charging sessions to jump to 1.5 billion by 2026 10 photos
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Being still few in numbers compared to the good old ICE cars means EVs are yet to take a toll on the existing infrastructure. Forecasts are that for the duration of 2021, people would have plugged in their electric vehicles about 200 million times, which isn’t all that bad. But, five years from now, expectations are there that number will increase by more than seven times, to 1.5 billion charging sessions per year

At least those are the numbers provided by analyst house Juniper Research, who cites “greater government incentives” and “more widespread charging service availability” as the main reasons for the projected growth.

The way people perform charging will change slightly as well. Presently, over 80 percent of charging sessions take place in private homes, but that number is expected to drop to 70 percent by 2026.

“While EV charging at home will largely remain dominant, public charging roll-outs will be a major focus going forward, and their installation will be critical to enabling users who do not have off-road parking to join the electric mobility revolution,” said in a statement research author Nick Maynard.

Knowing all of the above, researchers are saying charging station vendors and governments should work together to be able to meet that demand, and they should also get on board those pesky fuel retailers that keep holding their ground.

Now, only one major question remains: will all that electricity going into cars be green, or generated the harmful way?

Editor's note: Gallery shows charging robot Mochi.


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