Now That She Has a Ferrari 458, Is Kylie Jenner Selling Her Range Rover?

Now That She Has a Ferrari 458, Is Kylie Jenner Selling Her Range Rover? 1 photo
Photo: Kylie Jenner on Instagram
Ah, they grow up so fast, don’t they? It seems like only yesterday we heard there’s a 16-year-old famous-for-nothing girl that bought herself a brand new Range Rover. At that time, little did we know who she is, although we heard of her family name once or twice before. Now, here she is, an 18-year-old adult driving a much more expensive ride, the fantastic Ferrari 458.
This is the moment you ask if by any chance we’re talking about some royalty from Europe or the daughter of a rockstar who is too bored to hit the mall with her girlfriends anymore. No, we’re talking about a young lady who has lived most of her teenage years in front of the cameras, having her life televised. They call these people reality television celebrities and they live by one sole value: materialism.

Sure, there may be a lot more to their life than we ever find out, but for the fashionista gig to sell, they have to make everyone believe how rich and eccentric they live.

Getting back to the Range Rover in question, you’ll want to know the little K got it when she was still 16. Two months later she crashed the luxury SUV, with another motorist incident coming to a couple of months after that.

It never was about driving skills with the Kardashians and their vehicles, mind you, but we would’ve expected a little more care for such a car. Things turned a lot more dangerous when we heard her older boyfriend, rapper Tyga, bought her a new Ferrari 458. Sure, tabloids all called it a “Ferrari 482 Italia”, but we’re not having that conversation again.

Now that the youngest of the Kardashian family finally turned 18, should we consider she’s safe to drive an exotic supercar? Maybe. The point is, she’s not planning to go back to the Ranger Rover - which, by the way, she turned all-white recently. Word is she put the luxury SUV on sale.
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