Now I've Seen Everything: Mirror Rose Gold Tesla Cybertruck Rides on Dual-Tone 30s

Tesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30s  10 photos
Photo: Forgiato / Instagram
Tesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30sTesla Cybertruck on Forgiato 30s
Ladies and gentlemen, everything is possible in life – don't let anyone deter you from achieving even your wildest dreams. Seriously, only the sky is the limit – and not even that when you have enough money and love cars.
This past week, I have seen the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II become half-cooler and half-uglier than before, with the headlights sporting a new DRL signature and the lower bumper getting some unsightly gills. They also created a new hue (Emperador Truffle) for the regular Series II, making it absolutely boring-looking outside. At the same time, the hero predominantly-white-and-a-bit-of-black mix for the Black Badge immediately gave way to Stormtrooper jokes on the internet. Speaking of outer worlds, a Florida millionaire named Kris Singh will soon have a Pagani Utopia sprinkled with an ultra-mega-giga unique coat of paint that includes actual Moon dust in its composition!

There was also a new Bentley Bacalar – the Convertible model – dressed in orange blossoms. Oh, and BMW introduced us to the expensive $123,500 M4 CS, allowing us to reconsider the impression that a $105k or $113k C8 Corvette E-Ray and Z06, respectively, are not affordable with 655 hp and 670 hp on tap. But it doesn't matter how many novelties came from the OEM side of the automotive market's business equation – including the cool Caterham Seven 485 final editions, the unique Pininfarina Battista Cinquantacinque tribute to the 1955 Lancia Florida, or Bentley's reveal of the 740-hp hybrid V8, plus the updated Land Rover Defender or 2025 Volkswagen California T7 Camper.

Overall, the aftermarket realm once again beat all expectations, at least for me. Naturally, it was all thanks to the much-hyped, ultra-hated, or loved (depending on your POV) Tesla Cybertruck. This full-size, all-electric pickup truck has always been surrounded by controversy since day one. Announced in 2012, first teased in 2017 at the official reveal of the Tesla Semi and Roadster 2.0 (which still isn't out and about), and showcased in November 2019 to coincide with the time period of the movie Blade Runner, it has been the subject of one scandal after another. First, there was the botched 'Armor Glass' incident.

Then was the immediate start of reservations and the fact that it wasn't until November 2023 (four years later) that deliveries actually started. Last but not least, there are now some regular-life problems like the fact it still hasn't got basic – let alone normal driver assistance systems (and it's months away from that), that it's the perfect post-apocalyptic vehicle unless it falls apart first as users report countless cases of loose fasteners and parts flying off while driving, a sure sign of poor build quality, or the fact that flippers might see the end of the boom due to lower resale values even though it's reported that production is sold out until 2027 for customers placing new reservations.

Well, all those issues still pale in comparison to its performance on social media – either officially thanks to apparitions for tours in Dubai or Germany or unofficially via every other human being on Earth who's in love with Five Minutes of Fame on Instagram and Tik Tok. Notice that I haven't said anything about Facebook because I heard that it makes me sound old and derelict, and apparently, only our parents still use it because it's not fashionable anymore. Well, I don't care; I stopped using it a while ago (insert tongue-in-cheek emoji here). Anyway, I am still following the hype train regarding what can be done with the many angles of the Tesla Cybertruck. So, I know that things are getting slowly but steadily out of hand – especially in terms of wraps and aftermarket wheels.

Some folks want to shine brightly in the former department – and I have seen units get rusty and looking like a barn find or neon green like it's Cyberpunk 2024 or something like that. Others believe that they can only stand out in any crowd through the power of big-wheel elevation – even the wrong ones. Obviously, Youtubers have a big part in all that – like CJ on 32s, who didn't fit 32s on his Cybertruck but still pretty darn close with 30s. By the way, they weren't fully appreciated because some folks compared the forged wheels to shower drains… Well, the LA, California-based forged wheel experts over at Forgiato Designs don't really care about those negative views – and their aftermarket partners also don't feel ashamed to try new combinations.

But there is no need to take my word for granted because I have a crazy example that combines people's love of Cybertruck wraps and aftermarket wheels into one otherworldly package. So, here's yet another Tesla full-size all-electric pickup truck going against the workhorse ethos with a set of 30-inch Forgiato wheels – in a dual-tone composition, by the way! But wait, one shade is chrome, as per tradition, while the other goes hand-in-hand with the body wrap. As far as I can tell, Omar's Wheels, the self-appointed largest Forgiato dealer in America, has created the first-ever (some will also hope it's the last one) Tesla Cybertruck wrapped in mirror-like rose gold and riding on chrome-rose gold 30-inch Forgiato aftermarket wheels!

By the way, I don't think this really is the moment when I have seen everything – Rashad Harper, the digital creator behind the outrageous 412donklife account, has virtually proposed a Tesla Cybertruck on (blue) spinners! Now, I bet someone will be inspired to make that happen in real life, too!

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