Not Exactly the Smartest Policeman in the UK

With all the respect a bear for the police, I just have to say that this UK officer showed plain, utter, unadulterated stupidity in this video.
Not Exactly the Smartest Policeman in the UK 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Yes, the riders were at fault for speeding, it's true. However, after flashing the leading one, jumping in the middle of the lane to stop the speeding bikes was probably the last thing I expected to see and definitely the most stupid one I got to see.

The officer simply ignored his own well-being when he decided to step in front of the bikes, let alone being completely oblivious that bikes braking hard on wet asphalt are anything but safe.

He was lucky to escape without injury, but the second rider crashed. Now, this happening in the UK, we figure out that the riders will get fined for speeding, but they'll also sue the officer for putting them in danger and causing a crash.

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