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Not Everybody Is a Big Fan of the Likes of Google Maps and Waze

Let’s admit it: Google Maps, Waze, or any other navigation app out there is part of the app arsenal of many modern drivers out there. And it happens for a good reason.
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But new research conducted by Zuto reveals that, in fact, not everybody is a big fan of satellite navigation when they get behind the wheel.

Conducted in the United Kingdom, the study analyzed the dependence on satnav (both systems coming pre-loaded with the car or mobile navigation apps) in different age groups.

Unsurprisingly, drivers aged 18-24 are the ones that absolutely need a navigation solution in their cars, and 23 percent of the respondents claim they launch such software every single time they drive.

At the opposite pole, drivers aged 55-64 claim they’re not so interested in navigation solutions, with 1 in 5 respondents explaining they actually never used such a thing in their cars.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people ignore the benefits of satellite navigation. No more, no less than 93 percent of the people who drive on the streets of the United Kingdom have such solutions in their cars, and 38.5 percent of them rely on the likes of Google Maps and Waze by turning to their mobile devices.

At first glance, the moment when satnav comes in handy is when driving somewhere new. The research reveals that no less than 19 percent of the drivers claim they feel nervous when driving in a new region, and this is why 40 percent of the respondents explained they turned to navigation software for guidance.

The results aren’t necessarily surprising. Young drivers are most often the ones to turn to navigation solutions because they are more tech-savvy in the first place, though having a satnav pre-loaded with the car looks to be something important in most age groups. Navigation solutions are described as critical equipment for nearly 42 percent of the new car buyers in the United Kingdom.


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