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Noob Rider with Poor Skills Flees from Police, Crashes

Even though not stopping when a police cruiser is asking you to and flashes the blue lights is not exactly a good idea, fleeing from it is surely one of the worst decisions a rider can make. And in case the rider is also a beginner with poor riding skills, things suddenly get on the “what-the-heck side of life”.
Runaway rider Daniel Harrison crashes in to a ditch 1 photo
Still, such riders exist and nobody knows how many of them cross your way in a day’s ride. North Carolina-based Daniel Harrison gave little thought when he decided to ride an unregistered bike with false license plates, with no insurance. And if you thought that was all, get ready for some more charges the 24-year-old rider is facing: reckless driving, violations of a beginner's permit and illegal transportation of liquor added to failing to stop at the blue lights.

Cutting corners and riding on the turf were not enough for young Mr. Harrison, and his lack of riding skills finally landed him in a roadside ditch. Good to see LEOs not being the brutes some similar footage shows from time to time. Even if the cops were pointing a gun at him, which is standard procedure in such cases, they acted like true, well-trained professionals AND human beings. And they deserve a really big hand for this.


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