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Nomadream Envisions Houseboat That Can Cruise Through Any of the World’s Waters
Every once in a while, we run across a design so simple yet so elegantly put together that we just have to bring it to your attention. What you see on this page basically speaks for itself.

Nomadream Envisions Houseboat That Can Cruise Through Any of the World’s Waters

It’s known as the Nomadream and is a houseboat designed by VAXR technologies. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re just like the rest of us. The main reason why you probably won’t hear of them on any automotive news site is because they mainly design homes.

However, it seems they have a knack for putting some of those homes on bodies of water and strapping some motors to them. And in doing so, they grabbed the attention of someone like myself.

Now, when I first saw this floating storage container, I was actually about to skip over the photos and go on to the next water-based design. But then a lightbulb turned on as I realized this may be one of the easiest to build crafts with the potential for much more than just a home.

The design is rather simple with what basically is a floating pontoon and a shipping container on top. Okay, so it’s not really a shipping container, but it does look like one don’t you think? The only visual lines to break the cubic geometry are the support struts for the roof, seen at the bow and aft the vessel.

Speaking of the roof, this was one of the main design aspects that kept my attention glued to this seemingly simple vehicle. To get up top, all you’ve got to do is take the ladder found at the rear. But what we find once we’ve climbed our drunken selves up here is a space meant only for relaxation.

Aside from two lounge chairs meant to help you take a load off and maybe even get a tan, there is space to install a table and chairs for outdoor dining atop your floating world, or maybe an inflatable pool. Heck, if you’ve got the money to cruise the world’s canals on something like this, then you’ve also got the cash to install a real jacuzzi. But placing one on top of a roof could pose a structural problem. Not to worry, we’ll get to that shortly.

Another neat trick the Nomad has up its sleeves is the installation of solar panels, obviously on the roof. Makes sense doesn’t it? With this, your ability to cruise and live out of this floating home seems limitless. I just wonder what’s going on with the plumbing as the interior of the Dream lack any sort of attention in this respect.

As promised, if we divert our attention back down to water level, aft we can see a space very similar to a patio. Yeah, that looks like a good spot for some wet fun, so how about that jacuzzi? No? Not a problem, leave it open and create yourself a wonderful little dancefloor for you and your possible guests. The front of the vessel also has a similar setting; here, however, I'd much rather place a couple of chairs and a coffee table for a small breakfast facing the sun. Gotta get that tan on as summer’s coming up again.

The true beauty of something like this is its versatility. Because it’s a home, you won’t be needing to smash waves at 30 knots, so it’s possible to be launched on a canal, a lake, lagoons, and even bays. I absolutely love it. Even though it has no attention to the interior, the owner can take care of that on their own. Heck, this design even has local business applications and you can discover them in the gallery.


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