Nomad 10s Are Literal Boxes on Wheels With the Greatest Potential To Be Your Dream Camper

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Some of our readers have called them "horse trailers," while others have praised their construction and design. I'm talking about WeeRoll's Nomad travel trailers, and this time around, it's the Nomad 10's turn to show us what sort of dream home we can craft for ourselves.
Ladies and gents, the travel trailers you see in the image gallery are nothing but the work of the one and only WeeRoll, a crew whose works we covered before. You may remember their Silver Moon unit from a couple of years back or their Gladiator, which we covered earlier this year. If you missed them, then the Nomad 10 is bound to give you a clear idea as to what this crew is all about. Oh, and do allow me to mention that WeeRoll's Facebook page shows that this crew has been active since 2016, so there must be something right with this Ocala, Florida-based crew.

Now, kicking things off for the Nomad 10, I want to point out that the manufacturer is selling the standard shells for no more than $18,000 (€16,500 at current exchange rates). The question is: Why should we ever consider spending $18K on an empty unit when there are plenty of other manufacturers on the market with complete units for the same price, maybe even less? Well, let's find out.

Photo: WeeRoll
First and foremost, allow me to point out that WeeRoll builds these babies with nothing other than aluminum, and no, not just the shell, even the trailer itself. The only component of the entire habitat that isn't aluminum is the Dexter 3500+ Torflex axle, but that's galvanized; of course, the rims are aluminum.

Why aluminum? As you know, this timeless material can last ages, especially with tender love and care. Heck, campers built from this material have been found in running order after decades of sitting around in garages, all thanks to this alloy's innate ability to fight off the elements; that's what you're getting here, too.

As for the Nomad, everything from the extruded floor this crew has in place to the sidewalls, roof, and even interior and exterior skins are crafted from lightweight alloy. Hinges, doors, and seals are also aluminum. Again, every inch is.

Nomad 10
Photo: WeeRoll
But the real trick is WeeRoll's roof-mounting system. Since they've been on the market, they've developed a "solid, seamless and screwless" roof with their proprietary "Internal Drain System," which directs moisture and liquids away from the body through special grooves in the construction. With it, WeeRoll states that their roof is "100% Leakproof." That's a statement that very few manufacturers can make.

Beyond all that, we can see diamond plating all along the exterior of the Nomad 10. A similar touch is carried through inside, with more diamond plating, ensuring you don't damage the walls while doing whatever you plan on doing with this trailer. Throw in six windows, and we're looking at a nearly completed shell. Let's not forget those fenders.

As for the interior of the Nomad 10, well, what interior?! Just kidding. A few standard features are integrated into the habitat, like USB and 110 V outlets, but a 15-amp electrical service is also there, and that's really it. While that interior looks empty, I see it as full of something else: potential, and that's really what you're paying for here.

Nomad 10
Photo: WeeRoll
Since the interior of the Nomad 10 and other campers from the Nomad series is basically empty, you can use these boxes on wheels to unfurl your glamping dreams. Sure, the whole using it as a "horse trailer" is possible too, but what a waste of all that seamless and nearly perfect construction.

For example, you can use the Nomad 10 as a toy hauler. To do so, throw in a mobile cot or inflatable air mattress, bring along a portable shower and water tank, a toilet, fridge or cooler, and your favorite dirt bike or ATV, and off you go. Sure, you'll need to install some tie-down rails, but you know, details, details.

If you want to take the Nomad 10 and transform it into a completely functioning off-grid home, that seems to be possible, too. Of course, you'll need to really plan your features and spaces and even complete the build over the course of months, but once it's done, you'll be looking at a 10-foot-long unit with an indoor bathroom, galley block, modular dinette, and even have a tad of space left over for a couple of e-bikes or other toys that accompany your lifestyle.

Nomad 10
Photo: WeeRoll
Take things even further with a portable solar generator like the ones EcoFlow has for the market, the corresponding panels, some LP tanks - the nose cone has room for that - and with a few options that WeeRoll offers, off you go.

Sure, by the time you've completed your dream habitat, you'll have dropped a few to tens of thousands of dollars extra, but then again, you can do things as raw as you want, and for some people, a mattress and a bucket are enough for a few days out in the wild. Got the idea now?
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of WeeRoll trailers.

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