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No Vehicle Type Is Safe from Mansory's Wrath or Their Carbon Fiber Frenzy

The guys at Mansory are well known for the crazy stuff they come up with, designs that make nuns hide their faces in shame and little kids run off to their mommies.
Mansory tuned Watercraft 5 photos
Photo: Mansory
Mansory Black Marlin 550Mansory Black Marlin 550Mansory Black Marlin 550Mansory Black Marlin 550
Us, grown men, usually look at them and, depending on the situation, shake our heads in disbelief or frown, while other times (very, very seldomly), we secretly like what we see though we're too ashamed to admit it.

This might just be one of those rare situations, but as it happens, this time the subject of Mansory's attention was not a car.

Once you reach a certain level of notoriety, it makes sense to expand. Since the German tuners are experts in toying with carbon fiber having their own production facilities, this opens up a lot of new possibilities for them. And where else than in the automotive industry is lightweight more important? Yes, yes, the aeronautics, but that's not what we want to talk to you about.

Nope, it's things that go on water, and things that go fast. If you've never been on a watercraft before, you probably hate the things: they make plenty of noise and, when driven by idiots, they're even pretty dangerous for those swimming around in the water.

But even so you can't deny they're tremendous fun. The basis for Mansory's conversion is a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS, which is a powerful, mean-looking machine in its own right. After going through Mansory's hands, however, the nautical relative of Scooby Doo is now called the Black Marlin 550. And it looks like it wants to eat your spline.

As the name suggests, the standard Doo is good for 260 hp, but after the evil geniuses at Mansory had finished with it, it sported a Frankensteinian 550 hp. It was also 10 kilograms (22 pounds) lighter and about five-times more aggressive.

So, what's next from Mansory? We don't know, but nothing is safe anymore.
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