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No Update in Three Months and Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay Feels Outdated

Google is the kind of company that typically ships update after update for its mobile apps and services, all in an attempt to deliver new features and fixes to users as soon as they’re ready.
The latest Google Maps update landed on December 1 1 photo
But this fast update pace has somehow been abandoned in the iOS world, as the iPhone and CarPlay version of Google Maps hasn’t received a single update in 91 days.

That’s right, the latest Google Maps update landed on December 1, 2020, and given it’s already March 2, 2021, many people are wondering what exactly is happening with it. Is this an abandoned app? Is Google giving up on Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay? Should we start looking for an alternative?

No, no, and no.

Google Maps is still alive and kicking, and the app keeps getting updates on Android, but the lack of new releases on iOS is most likely related to a change that Apple has implemented in the App Store and which has caused quite a controversy in the dev world.

Apple requires app developers to share new privacy labels in the App Store to tell users exactly how their data is used, though it’s still surprising Google needs so much time to comply with this new policy.

What’s even worse is the search giant has remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to the iOS updates for Google Maps, so nobody can tell exactly when a new release is supposed to go live. But right now, it certainly looks like a good idea to avoid holding your breath waiting for a new version.

On the other hand, Google Maps isn’t the only Google app that hasn’t received a new update on iOS in a long time, likely because of the same reason. And given the search giant has slowly started rolling out new versions of other iPhone apps, expect a Google Maps update to be here rather sooner than later.


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