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No Need for Google Maps: Jaguar Land Rover Gets Super-Advanced Navigation System

While Google Maps and Waze are very often the preferred apps for navigation, carmakers out there are still investing hard in competing products that are pre-loaded with their vehicles.
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Jaguar Land Rover modelsJaguar Land Rover modelsJaguar Land Rover modelsJaguar Land Rover modelsJaguar Land Rover models
Jaguar Land Rover is one of them, and thanks to a recent update, the company is making a very good reason for dropping the likes of Google Maps for the native navigation solution available in its cars.

The automaker has worked together with HERE, the company that provides the brand with navigation software for the vehicles it sells worldwide, to integrate support for what3words, a location service that pushes the accuracy to a completely new level.

In other words, Jaguar Land Rover models will be provided with always-on support for what3words, the first time a carmaker offers access to this system without a data connection.

Released as an OTA update available for all Jaguar and Land Rover models equipped with the Pivi Pro infotainment system, the support for what3words will be making navigation as accurate as possible. But to better understand how the whole thing works, it’s important to know how what3words works in the first place.

As compared to traditional navigation software, which uses street names and building numbers for addresses, what3words has divided the entire world into squares, each measuring 3 meters x 3 meters.

So when you launch what3words, the entire world appears as a grid full of squares, and each of these squares is given a unique address made of three random words. Using these words, you can therefore input the location of the square in the navigation app, eventually being directed precisely to the generated address.

Thanks to this integration, JLR drivers can enter the three random words right in the navigation software in their cars, without the need for installing any other app. The way the whole thing works is as straightforward as possible, with no further configuration required on the vehicle side once the update is installed.


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