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No Need for Google Maps: In-Dash Navigation Will Soon Become Insanely Accurate

One of the reasons everybody likes Google Maps is its overall accuracy, as the frequent map updates allow you to get virtually anywhere using nothing but your phone.
what3words embedded into navigation software powered by Mabox 6 photos
Mapbox-powered navigationMapbox-powered navigationMapbox-powered navigationMapbox-powered navigationMapbox-powered navigation
Furthermore, Google Maps comes with a feature called Plus Codes that makes it even easier to find a specific location even in remote areas or on streets without an address. This is because Plus Codes, which are based on latitude and longitude, replace street names and numbers completely, helping users pinpoint the location precisely on the map.

An alternative whose popularity is growing substantially these days is what3words, a service that divided the entire world into 10-feet (3-meter) squares, each with a virtual address made of three random words.

Anyone using what3words can then find a specific location with a 3-meter accuracy using the generated words, and this comes in incredibly handy not only for casual navigation but also for emergency services and other purposes when going exactly to a specific location on the map is a must.

The adoption of what3words is skyrocketing lately thanks to this innovative approach, and most recently, Mapbox has announced that it’s also implementing support for this service in Mapbox Dash, its very own platform available for carmakers who want to offer state-of-the-art navigation in their cars.

Mapbox Dash is already available in General Motors cars as Maps+, so if you want to see what this is all about, you can just hop behind the wheel of a new-generation Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, or Cadillac.

And thanks to this new collaboration, drivers of these cars would also be able to turn to what3words to precisely navigate to a specific location, therefore getting support for the service pre-loaded as part of the navigation solution pre-loaded with the infotainment system.

If you think the what3words integration isn’t such a big deal, well, it actually is. With this service, you can find not only remote areas, but also any other location without an address, such as a specific parking spot, an EV charging point, beaches, and even a hiking trail if you’re interested in a short off-road adventure.

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