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No Need for Android Auto as One More Big Name Goes for Android OS

While Android Auto has already made its way to no less than 100 million cars, at least according to Google’s very own numbers, the Mountain View-based search giant is hoping more automakers would eventually embrace Android Automotive OS for a very simple reason.
Lincoln's new system will be based on Android 6 photos
Lincoln's new system will be based on AndroidLincoln's new system will be based on AndroidLincoln's new system will be based on AndroidLincoln's new system will be based on AndroidLincoln's new system will be based on Android
This platform provides better integration with Google services and doesn’t require an Android phone to run, so in practice, it can also be used even by those who don’t have a mobile device running this operating system.

Android Automotive is an operating system whose adoption is slowly but surely improving, and while Google is currently working with carmakers specifically to bring it to more models, very little is known about who is supposed to install the OS on their cars in the short term.

Earlier this year, Google revealed the new Hummer EV would be one of the models boasting Android Automotive, and now Lincoln has confirmed it’s planning to install the OS on its cars as well.

Lincoln, however, hasn’t offered too many details about this project, only revealing that its cars “will benefit from a unique digital platform built on top of the Android operating system for constantly improving, ever more personalized ownership experience.

And that’s everything Lincoln is willing to say at this point, though the most important tidbit is the “on top of Android” part which suggests the brand would personalize the platform with its own look and implementation, with Google’s OS to be in charge of the under-the-hood system.

Indeed, this is something that Google is betting big on in the long term as part of its Android Automotive push. The company gives carmakers the freedom to customize the look of Android according to their liking without losing anything, so in theory, each model could sport a different interface despite still running the same operating system with full integration of Google services.


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