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No More MotoGP Action at Indianapolis in 2016

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is no longer going to host a Grand Prix round in 2016. The cancellation of the race was a decision both parties involved agreed with, IMS officials add.
No more MotoGP at Indianapolis in 2016 1 photo
In a way, we sort of had this coming for some time, despite the fact that the IMS received the “Best Grand Prix” of the 2014 season accolade from Dorna previously. The award now looks more like a marketing move aimed at raising awareness and interest for the motorcycle fans in the Midwest, even though it is the first such proof of recognition for a North American track.

The Brickyard had indeed altered the race course, making it both safer and more thrilling, providing better passing opportunities, but this was hardly enough to make Dorna feel like retaining the IMS for 2016 was worth the efforts.

While road racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a glorious heritage, it appears like the infield track was never suitable enough for the high demands of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Despite the resurfacing and corner alterations that occurred last year, the IMS remains a flat track that can hardly rival with other circuits that host MotoGP rounds through the season.A venue too big for a crowd too small?
This year, around 68,000 spectators were in attendance of the Indianapolis GP on race Sunday, around half of the total crowd in 2014, but still, the venue looked dismal in certain areas.

That is because the IMS was designed to host much larger crowds, and 60-70 thousands spectators still make the stands look empty. Plus, the size of the complex is another factor that involves raised financial efforts, all in all reducing the profitability of the whole racing event.

J. Douglas Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway says that the absence of MotoGP in the future might help the track focus on other sporting events in the future, hopefully, more lucrative opportunities. "This outcome reflects the best interests of both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Dorna Sports. We are proud of our efforts to increase attendance in recent years and successfully host a truly international sporting and cultural event. We’re also thankful to Dorna Sports for its strong support and partnership since 2008. However, the timing is right to pursue other opportunities that drive greater revenue for both the Speedway and our Central Indiana economy,” he adds.

"Fans who renewed tickets for 2016 following the 2015 race will receive full reimbursements. Ticket holders seeking additional information can call the IMS Ticket Office at 317-492-6700," the IMS management informs.

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX thus remains the only MotoGP venue in the US. Wonder where will Dorna expand... Chang in Thailand, Red Bull Ring in Austria? Any other guesses?


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