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No More Guessing! This 3D-Printed Bike Helmet Will Be Custom Made Just For You

Most bike helmets are not a perfect fit for every head, and you have to adjust them according to your size. But what if you could buy a helmet that was specifically designed for you?
KAV R1 3D-Printed Bike Helmet 8 photos
KAV 3D Printed R1 Bike HelmetKAV 3D Printed R1 Bike HelmetKAV 3D Printed R1 Bike HelmetKAV 3D Printed R1 Bike HelmetKAV 3D Printed R1 Bike HelmetKAV 3D Printed R1 Bike HelmetKAV 3D Printed R1 Bike Helmet
When it comes to safety measures, bike helmets are your number one priority. So, it is only natural to want one that fits you well, it’s light but solid, and breathable.

That’s what KAV Sports had in mind when they came up with their R1 helmet, which is 3D-printed and unique. What that means is that every customer will send their measurements and will receive a custom fit helmet according to the data they submit.

The California-based helmet manufacturer claims its technology is the result of decades of experience in design and engineering. The R1 makes no compromises in terms of quality, protection, comfort, and of course, perfect fit.

The helmet weighs less than 300 grams (10.5 oz) no matter the size, and KAV got its inspiration for the R1 from hockey, making it durable and able to cope with accidental drops.

Good ventilation is ensured by the open-air hex structure that maximizes airflow across your entire head.

The manufacturing process consists of several steps. First, customers will receive something called a “fit kit” that will help them virtually send their measurements to the KAV tech team. The team will use specialized software with machine learning algorithms to map the head measurements they send against their database of head scans. It will then generate a virtual head rendering and the software will help them create the perfect helmet, using 3D printing. No more guessing, it’s all math.

The KAV R1 bike helmet is advertised in a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s already managed to reach the proposed goal of $10,000. The company has raised over $19,000 so far, with 35 more days left in the campaign.

So, it’s probably safe to assume the R1 will reach production and you can order the helmet for a pledge of at least $500. The estimated delivery date is January 2022.

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