No Money and No Public Transport for Miles? This 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Gets the Job Done

In the words of the great Broadway and Hollywood actor Zero Mostel in Fiddler on the Roof, it's really no great shame to be poor (in 2022 especially, it's no great honor either). But if you live in an area where public trains, busses, and cabs are nowhere to be found, there are at least some transportation solutions.
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Photo: East Coast Auto Source
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This 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix may have been obsolete in many ways by the time it left the showroom floor back in the late 90s. Safe to say, Bob Lutz's ambitions of turning Pontiac into a luxury sports car maker a-la BMW failed pretty miserably. But two decades and change later, this particular example available via East Coast Auto Source in Bedford, VA, does at least serve a vital purpose.

As may come as a shock to some Europeans, where a train, bus, or tram is waiting basically around every corner, large swaths of American landmass are completely devoid of any of this. In these places, you own a car, a motorbike, or stay your rear end at home 90 percent of the time.

For those people, this Pontiac with 291,558 miles (469,217.1 km) on the clock could be the difference between getting a wicked case of cabin fever or not. With a 3.1-liter, 12-valve V6 under the hood, that likely didn't crack 200 horsepower in its day under the hood. It's at least sufficient enough to take you to work and back so long as you keep up on the oil changes.

With a car with as many miles on the clock as this one, every little service goes a long way. The price for this little ticket to freedom from confinement in your home? A meager $895 before taxes and fees. Not a bad proposition if the nearest bus stop is a five-mile hike away.
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