Niu's $4K GTS E-Moped Aims To Replace Other Urban EVs With Admirable Speed and Range

Let's face it, electric vehicles are here to stay. With that in mind, let's explore what Niu, the famed Chinese EV manufacturer, has in store with their NQi GTS e-moped, a little modern scooter that may just help you forget all about the Vespa brand.
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Photo: Niu International
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Folks, not everything Chinese is questionable. Take Niu, the EV manufacturer, as the perfect example of a company that means business. Heck, this manufacturer has been working on supplying the EV market with capable scooters and mopeds since 2014, and today, their goods can be seen being sold in just about any country where asphalt exists.

On the other hand, we'll be exploring the machine that Niu has placed at the top of their available vehicle list. What we'll be exploring today is why they hold this machine in such high regard. So, to offer you a solid notion of what owning a GTS may be like, I want you to picture that you actually own one.

Depending on the version you want, you'll be expected to drop no less than €4,000 ($3,970 at current exchange rates) on a standard version. The extended range unit comes in with an extra €1,000 ($990), and with that price, you can add an extra 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) to your daily travels, on top of the 70 kilometers (44 miles) already available. Other than that, all specs are the same.

So, why the neck should you even consider dropping over $4K on something like this? Well, we can start things off by inspecting the sort of features that Niu has integrated into the GTS. While this scooter may not come across as being very different from other machines from Niu, mainly the body styling, the things you can't see have received extensive attention and are the main reasons for this price.

NQi GTS E\-Moped
Photo: Niu International
Starting with this EV's performance, Niu dropped their newest 60-volt "V" motor that spits out 3,000 watts of power. It can, however, push out a peak of 4,600 watts but only does so for up to 30 minutes. What does this mean for you? It means speeds upwards of 80 kph (50 mph) and the ability to climb hill grades upwards of 32%. This means an 18-degree angle.

Sure, it may not be as strong as the Horwin EK3, but that machine is a bit more expensive and cranks out nearly 6,000 watts of power with a mid-mounted motor. The GTS uses a rear hub motor for its drive, so that's still pretty good if you ask me.

Part of the magic this moped boasts also has to do with the level of attention Niu has given to the battery systems. This EV can attain such speeds and a range of up to 59 miles (95 kilometers) due to a dual battery system. Yes, each GTS is sold with two batteries that can also be charged simultaneously, assuming you have another fast charger. Some extra range will also be harnessed by the brake's "energy recovery system." Countless safety features also ensure you don't fry your battery due to unforeseen situations such as overheating, broken wires, overcharging, and countless others.

NQi GTS E\-Moped
Photo: Niu International
While I don't typically feel that Niu is offering any amazing bodywork on the GTS, it still boasts a rather modern touch that stands apart from other e-mopeds on the market. It doesn't look like a Horwin, Segway, or Vespa and can be considered recognizable if sitting next to other brands.

One final touch you need to be aware of is the software that Niu adds to the GTS. Sure, you already know about the countless battery safety systems, but you don't know about this moped's Cloud ECU that monitors and analyzes all vehicle diagnostics in real-time and relays these details to an app; easy, simple, and efficient.

Listen, I could sit here and describe what your experience with a GTS may be like, but at the end of the day, the best way to see things for yourself is to go and take a test drive on one of these buggers. Just be warned, you may be returning home with a new e-moped, so be ready with the cash and always wear a helmet.
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