Nitrous Ford Mustang Explodes into Flames at Drag Race, Burns Down

Nitrous Mustang Goes Up in Flames at TX2K16! 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
If you are a Ford Mustang fan, don't watch the following video. No, serious, don't look at it. The sight of an impressive drag racing machine burning is hard enough to take without it being a street car as well.
We've managed to find two separate videos of the same event, where a Ford Mustang spontaneously bursts into flames. At first, there's only a bit of smoke coming from the engine bay, but a torrent of flames soon engulfs the entire machine.

The driver is the first guy to notice something is wrong, probably alerted by some smoke coming through the vents. He pops the hood and quickly gets out. People rush with fire extinguishers and try to put out the blaze, but she is burning wild and hot. For a while, it all looks quite ominous, as high winds feed the growing flames.

Within about a minute, the fire crews arrive wearing protective jackets. However, it takes about two more minutes to force the hood open and get the water hose under there, by which time the Mustang is ruined. It's not one of those cases where all that's left is a brown and yellow piece of rusted metal. But we still think this looks like a write-off, even though a few panels have not been affected.

As bad as we feel watching the Mustang burn, the owner of the 5.0 must be even worse. We wouldn't be surprised if he had a few unkind words to say about the fire crew. These volunteers can't even figure out how to get the hose to work, let alone put out the blaze. There's also another guy who blew an entire extinguisher at the left wheel, and most of it went down the track.

We think the previous-generation Mustang racer running NOS belonged to platinum5.0 from Chicago. He has the 2015 Mustang to keep him company until the racing one rises from the ashes.

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